Let me just say this upfront that I believe that Liverpool played a magnificent match in their home game and clearly were the better side in both of the legs, there is no doubt that Real Madrid just could not handle Liverpool’s pace, high tempo and their physical superiority.

Liverpool fully deserve to go through the next round as Real Madrid were not able to score a single goal throughout the course of the two legs so even if can prove that Liverpool go lucky and all, still, Real Madrid just did not do enough to prove themselves.

But as I think most of you know, Liverpool deserve the victory but certainly not the manner in whch they got it. There is a reason that Liverpool beat Real Madrid away from home 0-1 on Thursday and then lost to Stoke City 2-0 on Saturday.

Lets analyze Liverpool goals throughout the course of the two legs.

1st Goal: Benyaoun’s Header

Throughout the game, Liverpool defended and did not create much. Real Madrid had the best of chances but could not convert. Finally, after 80th minute mark, Heinze gave away a needless free kick near the penalty area, Arbeloa took the free kick and wipped an in swinger at Casillas’s goal and guess what, the shortest man on the pitch scored with a header.

First, Heinze should had never committed that foul, there was no need for it. It was not counter attack from Liverpool and neither were Real Madrid defense stretched. There was plenty of cover for Heinze and he could have easily let the ball bounce and then could have decided what to do with it. Instead he gave a soft free kick and Rafa’s men got the only goal of the game by playing the most defensive football ever witnessed at the Bernabeu.

Secondly, Benyaoun was not marked properly, he got away from all the defenders and literally just had to head the ball for the goal. Surely, no other team would concede such soft goals against Liverpool in future.

2nd Goal: Torres’s Goal

If it was Chelsea or Barcelona, the situation of this goal would have never happened, let alone a threat or (in Real Madrid’s case) a goal from it. It was just a stupid lob in the middle of the pitch. Cannavaro let the ball bounce and it bounced overhim.Talk about old age.

Torres and Kuyt were chasing the ball like hell, but Pepe stepped in with his pace and out runned them both but just as Pepe was about to strike the ball up into the air, Torres tugged him from behind and slightly put his studs on Pepe’s calves causing Pepe to loose his footing and not get a contact on the ball.

From that point on, it was 3 against Casillas, Kuyt squared the ball to Torres, who could not have wished for a simpler goal against Real Madrid. Some say that the tug was not enough for Pepe to go down. I say to them, have you ever played football? If you have, have you ever run at full speed in trying to clear a ball?.

For those who have, it is really a no brainer, because at the pace with which these players run, the slighestest of push or PULL can cause them to loose balance. Add to that, it was inside Real Madrid’s penalty area, where usually any foul is given as a foul due to the delicacy of the area.

Torres even looked behind for a minute or so, to see if the referee has responded to Real Madrid players claim and could notbelievehisluck.