Liverpool Destroy Real Madrid to reach Champions League Quarters

Liverpool Destroy Real Madrid to reach Champions League Quarters

Ok. I admit Real Madrid were lucky to have got the win against Atletico Madrid last weekend. Atletico had plenty of chances but wasted them, probably had a penalty claim too. Real Madrid did not attack well in that game and scored off probably their only chance in the game but THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE REFEREE HAS TO BE BIASED AGAINST REAL MADRID in CHAMPIONS LEAGUE against LIVERPOOL!!!!!.

What the hell was wrong with the referee mate!!!!! seemed to me more like drunked rather than blind. Holy smokes, yes Real Madrid attacking and defending skills were not at best this night but where did that referee come from. 2 goals for liverpool in the first half, all because of the biased referee. Please refer to my pervious posts as I rarely go on a rant against the referee but this is just insane.

First goal, Torres (the ultimate anti Real Madrid) runs for a loose ball with Cannavaro and Pepe. Cannavaro gets beaten because of his old age. As soon as Pepe is about to clear the ball which was about to land infront of him. Torres tucks him from the back and then nails his studs on Pepe’s calves. The refree does not see this, I do not know how the hell did the referee miss that.

Torres was probably pissed at what Pepe did to him in the first leg, but the referee is not supposed to do things like that. Second goal, the ball clearly strikes Heinze on the shoulder and the linesman gives a penalty. Even the Liverpool players seemed perplexed. The linesman got under pressure from the barking that the Liverpool crowd were doing and gave it as a penalty.

Ok. Liverpool deserved to be infront anyway, ifitwas not for Casillas but that is why Casillas is the best in the world and I think, the referee thought, “well, Liverpool are not going to beat Casillas this way, let me just give them a helping hand here by being a good samaritan”.

Gerrard took the penalty with DIGNITY and Liverpool could not believe there luck. I cannot believe this ludicrous, unbelievable, laughable, silly, outlandish, unreasonable piece of refereeing seen in recent times. These two unfair goals really knocked the stuffing out of Real Madrid.

After that, Real Madrid looked down, disorganised, did not know what hit them and really, did not know what to do once they got to Liverpool’s half. The defense was non existent. Liverpool defended well and hit Real Madrid time and time again on the counter attack. Gerrard scored the 3rd and it was a wonder strike. Questions there too on Real Madrid’s defense.Howintheworld,Gerrardwasallowed