This is exactly what happened to Real Madrid. Though we performed well in both matches yet lost the second game against Liverpool (home match in Champions League) which puts us a in a difficult situation right now as we will now have to beat Liverpool at Anfield (Liverpool’s home ground).

Last week, Real Madrid played perfect football, we created chances, scored and defended well though Casillas did not have the best of the nights back then. Huntelaar scored, Higuain, Raul, Ramos, it was all going well and Real Madrid looked to be well prepared for Liverpool as Juande Ramos used his substitutions to save his men for the Liverpool clash.

Before the match agaisnt Liverpool, I thought to myself that, Real Madrid are atleast going to get a draw here as Liverpool were withought Gerrard and a fully fit Torres (looked tired and jaded throughout the match, may be its just me, because he has never played well against Real Madrid, even when he was at liverpool).

Real Madrid attacked in the game against Liverpool throughout the game and Liverpool just sat back and played such a dirty game. All they know is how to defend and kick players. Robben was marked very tight and even when he dribbled past one or two players, Macherano (Liverpool’s midfield defensive dog) hacked him down to the ground.

There were many reasons why Real Madrid lost to Liverpool. Major ones were playing Heinze in this match (I do not know how many times Heinze has cost us big games because of his stupid mistakes). Heinze made a needless and silly foul in a very dangerous position on the 80th minute mark and Liverpool scored from it.

The defense was not the best at marking on that particular situation but Heinze did no favors to Real Madrd by giving away the free kick. It was just pure absurdity. The ball was high up in the air with Heinze fighting for the best position to head the ball and instead of trying to head the ball, he fouled the opponents player.

I changed the channel as I knew that Real Madrid always get into troublewheneverthere is a late free kick in a important match near to their penalty area. 1 minute later when I switched back on, it was 0-1 and guess what, of all the tall people in the world Benayoun scored for Liverpool from a free header.

The commentator rightly said that Heinze must be livid with himself as what he thought as a harmless last minute foul, turned into a goal for Liverpool who defended all night and did not create any chances at all. Real Madrid missed 2 sitters, if we assume that Van Nistelrooy had the ball in those moments.

I was not impressed with Robben, though he did make some fabulous runs down the right hand side but I think Rafa Benetiz must have breifed Liverpool players of Robben’s tendency to drift inside the right flank and Macherano was always waiting for Robben to make that move so that he could lash at him to take the posession.

Apart from Robben, Real Madrid did not pose an attacking threat and I do not think that Real Madrid will be able to beat Liverpool at theirownbackyardwiththisteam.IfSergio