really showed that why Raul is one of the best strikers of the past decade. Sergio Ramos drilled the ball into the penalty box and Raul just got a foot to it, into the back of the net.

After that, it was just easy going as Gijon tried but just did not have enough power in attack to threat the pace of Pepe and Sergio Ramos (though Cannavaro and Heinze are not slow by any means, hmmmmm, on second thought, I think Heinze is slow, damn slow).

Marcelo added the third goal which also a nice move built with the help of Higuain and Raul. Juande Ramos has done well to define the positions of certain players in this squad and that I think is very important when you are considering that Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world. the reason why Manchester United are winning so much these days is that, every player on their squad knows his exact position, so if any of their key players get injured, they just replace him with another that is equally as efficient as the one replaced.

Juande Ramos, now has changedMarcelo’sposition a little bit and now Marcelo plays on the left wing but I do not know how long thi will last, as though Marcelo has performed well there, I think Juande Ramos is only doing this because Real Madrid is short of left sided players this season.

The second goal was scored by Huntelaar (and there is nothing to describe about that goal apart from the fact that he did not take a touch and hit the ball the first time as the ball was coming down from some height and the goal keeper was rushing towards him, wait….. did I say that he took it on his first touch, yeah actually he did, but he let the ball bounce once). Shu, am I relieved or what. Now Juande Ramos says that Huntelaar will play more from now on, well ofcourse he would, he has scored a goal now. It is going to interesting to see how Juande Ramos would have managed this side had there been no injuries to Real Madrid this season, but we will leave that for another day.

The fourth goal was added by Raul. It was just a stupid little goal. All the work was done by Higuain, he controlled a loopy ball outside the penalty box (on the right side of the pitch) and then beat 3 defenders and then took a shot as soon as he reached the top of the penalty box, his shot was not blocked well by the keeper who spilled it into the path of on coming Raul who converted the opportunity with ease.

Now what Real Madrid would want to do is to win all of the remaining games in La Liga (do not call me stupid as I am talking about what Real Madrid would WANT to do, not what they WOULD do, you know, just like Roger Federer. When Roger was asked, what we wanted to do this year (at the start of the season), he said that he wanted to win Australian Open and then the French and then Wimbledon and then US OPEN, lolz, he lost the Australian Open and there is no chance of him winning the French I think, though I would love it if Roger wins that) and hope that Barcelona loose atleast 4 games before the next El Clasico, for me, Real Madrid have to win that Derby, no matter what. No matter what.