Hi everyone,

First off, before everything. Raul has broken Di Stefano’s record for the most goals scored for Real Madrid and has therefore become, the greatest striker that has ever played in a Real Madrid jersey and guess what. He did not cost a penny, came from the youth system when he was snatched by Real Madrid by none other than Atletico Madrid).

Raul is the greatest goal scorer of all time for Real Madrid STATISTICALLY. If talent and skills are taken as criteria s then I think it would either be Stefano, Puskas or may be, in recent times, Ronaldo and before you point fingers, let me just say that Zidane and Figo were not strikers (Dumb, I know).

Raul did not do much in our previous game against Santander which Real Madrid won 1-0 at home. The only goal of THAT game came from Higuain and what a goal that was. Just wonderful. It was a through ball behind the defence to Higuain, he was being closely marked as he made his way at full pace inside the penalty box. Higuain made a fake shot and cut the ball inside the defender which left him blank and then finished the move from an impossible angle. Superb goal.

However, Raul was the man in the game this weekend against Gijon while Higuain took the backseat as quite frankly he missed some sitters.

Anyway, Real Madrid won their 7nth straight league game this Sunday with a 0-4 away win against Sporting Gijon (not the strongest side in La liga) and are now 10 points behind Barcelona, who drew their match with Real Betis (Damn that Eto’o, I wish he was still playing for Real Madrid). Anyway, Barcelona were 0-2 down at half time but two goals in the second half by Eto’o saw Barcelona earn a vital point which could prove to be decisive come the later stages of the league.

Hopefully, I think this is where Barcelona’s purple patch is going to come to an end and I hope it does. I think, they will start to loose some points and by that I do not mean, that they will loose like 5 games in their next 10 matches, just that, now other teams will look at this result and will get some motivation that they can beat Barcelonaatleastaway from home where Barcelona have the history of not performing well (this season, they have broken all record, home and away, so that is not really a big plus, but hye, Real Madrid need the slightest edge that there is to win the league this time around).

Coming to Real Madrid’s match this weekend. It was an awesome performance, without Robben and Guti, we managed to beat Gijon by a comprehensive margin. I just love Diarra, man he marshells the field like no other, no wonder they call him the next Makalele. He is so strong for his size and anticipates really well.

Sergio Ramos and Marcelo were other notables. Sergio Ramos had an almost perfect game, he really took control of the right flank. Suceh a dynamic defender. He has speed, control and everything that you would want in a defender, not to mention the good looks (which is rare these days in football, if you do not believe me, then have a look at Patrice Evra and Vidic Lolz). Point is, that defenders are not the most beautiful people on the planet.