they defend like hell, I have seen Ronaldo defending at right back and have seen Messi tracking back as well for Barcelona. Real Madrid only defend in numbers against Barcelona because it is a derby and all. We need to do that in every game so that we do not give away cheap goals to 3rd tier teams.

  • Real Madrid need to sign a right sided player and by that I do not mean a player of FAUBERT’S quality. We need some world class talent on that side. C.Ronaldo type. Too bad Robinho left. but I think Ricardo Quaresma (who has been in awful form at Inter Milan, do not know what happened to him but he could click at Real Madrid) is the ideal choice interms of feasibilty.
  • Florentino Perez needs to come back. I know this is a long shot considering the history behind this but I think it is our only chance to get back our pride. While Perez made huge mistakes by involving himself in sporting decisions, he was an excellent entrepreneur and knew what to do to make Real Madrid a money machine, through which we could buy any player we want. Currently, Real Madrid are like 500 million euros in debt.
  • We need to tie up Sergio Ramos andFernandoGago on even longer contracts. Sergio Ramos is the next Raul for Real Madrid. He is going to become a Real Madrid legend provided that Real Madrid extend his contract and not make any attempts to exchange him for C.Ronaldo or Kaka.
  • We need to hire a good coach (or manager whatever) and that means, not signing Wenger. For alot of fans, he seems the ideal choice for Real Madrid because he does not spend much and still manages to build good teams that play eye catching free flowing football but we are missing something. His teams usually do not win titles. And do not think that with the money of Real Madrid, Wenger would be able to build a invincible team because his weakness is that he cannot handle the egos of big players which is something that only 3 managers have done so far (Mourinho, Alex Ferguson, though he is not the best at doing that and Del Bosque, we know how many egos he handled at Real Madrid). The evidence is the departure of his key players, like Henry, Vieira, Ashley Cole, Flamini and I think Fabregas is going to follow them too once he gets to that stage where he is considered as the Mr.Best of Arsenal.
  • Sign LIONEL MESSI!!!!. haha. This one is a bit infantile with rather than something that should happen at Real Madrid, but I think if Barcelona sell Messi to Inter Milan, then, it could happen as it happened with Ronaldo. Ronaldo scored like 40 goals in one season for Barcelona, Barcelona sold him to Inter Milan and after Inter Milan, he came to Real Madrid and helped us to win Champions League. As Capello said it in an interview today that there is no player in the world who is as talented as Lionel Messi, I think he is the next Maradonna, the thing he does on the pitch are just so so unbelievable. C.Ronaldo requires the help of his teammates to show off his tricks and do his thing (whatever that is) but Messi, is just a stand alone team himself. He picks up the ball, beats 2, 3 players on average and then either scores the goal or just makes an assist. He is a player who can change games with a swing of his boot unlike C.Ronaldo, who is a big time flop at important matches.
  • Here are the thing that I think should happen at Real Madrid. I know I missed some important ones too and have neglected some areas, but you guys can help me out on that. Let me know what you think should happen at Real Madrid.