Do not even think for one second that I am no more a Real Madrid fan. It’s just that there are some things that do bother me about Real Madrid. Things that I want Real Madrid to fix up. I know this is not the best time to do it (with Barcelona running away with the league and we getting Liverpool in UEFA Champions League Round of 16), but when is a good time to write anything like this about Real Madrid. Anyway, here goes my list of 10 things that Real Madrid should change (or happen) in order to compete with Barcelona and rest of Europe’s Elite in Champions League.

  1. Real Madrid have a stupid stupid Sporting Director in Pedja Mijatovic. I do not like him and that is why he should get the sack. He is a former Real Madrid player and some OFFICIALS thought that he might be the guy passionate enough to bring some world class talent to the squad and what has he done? He has built the most unbalanced squad in the history of Real Madrid (that is a bit axaggeration but you get the idea). I mean seriously, think on it for one second, that we have two genuine strikers when the season started who are at the wrong side of their 30s. Van Nistelrooy and Raul. I am not saying that they are not Real Madrid stuff. Who can say that. Van Nistelrooy is one of the greatest strikers of the past decade (After Ronaldo, I think he is the best) and Raul, is a Real Madrid legend, his stats may not be like Ronaldo’s or Henry’s, but he is a true hard working professional and has unparalleled leadership qualities but that does not change the fact that both these guys are old and cannot perform at their best for the whole season. If it was not for Higuain’s surprise form, Real Madrid would have out of the top 4 I think.
  2. I could go on with the Mijatovic rant (as there are numerous players on this squad that simply are not good enough for Real Madrid, assuming, Real Madrid want to win the league and the champions league) but I ll leave it at the striker blooper alone. Anyway, Second thing I think that needs to change is the lack of English players in our squad, which leads to lack of work ethic and professionalism within the squad. One player that comes to mind, who had huge success with Real Madrid was Macmanaman (or whatever his name was), he was such a hard working guy and gave it his all on the field. The current squad sometimes lack that will to win and I am buynomeans disrespecting Gago and Diarra, but look at it this way, I think, that Gerrard would add alot more to this Real Madrid side than C.Ronaldo. Seriously, practically Gerrard is a better player.
  3. Real Madrid need to sign tough defenders, not like the ones we currently have. Either our defenders are too short or too soft. Apart from Sergio Ramos, most defenders lack something essential for defending. Yes, Cannavaro won the Ballon D Or but he is not the same player he was at Juventus. He is old, sluggish and makes silly fouls in dangerous areas, plus, his lack of will to clear air balls and compete physically with other strikers on set pieces. Same goes for Pepe and Marcelo.
  4. Real Madrid need to give chances to its youth as well . There has been tons of discussion all over the internet on this topic so there is no need for me to go into detail for this. Bottom line is that Real Madrid need to have a mixture of youth and foreign talent. Barcelona are a perfect example for this, bought Henry and got Messi from their youth academy.
  5. Real Madrid while on the field, need to defend with determination and discipline. They need to get behind the ball. Look at all the supposedlybestattackingteamsaroundEurope.ManchesterUnited,