This is what Juande Ramos said in an interview today and I could not believe what the headline said. Ok, it is true that we are not playing Hollywood football at the moment but I think Real Madrid do not play that defensively, if you look around Europe only Barcelona, Manchester United and Arsenal can say that they play more attacking football than Real Madrid.

I think that Chelsea, Liverpool, Inter Milan and Ac Milan play a far defensive football than us and in case of Liverpool, they play ugly, stupid and boring football. I hate to watch their matches. It is only the talents of Torres and Gerrard that is keeping Liverpool alive as Europe’s Elite club, otherwise, I think the way they play is so much result oriented, I can barely watch their match for 5 minutes.

Juande Ramos has stated his dislike on this label and I think it is justified as well but the problem is that, we cannot really blame anyone as the criticism came for none other than Di Stefano who said that he does not get entertained when he watches Real Madrid play.

I do not agree with the criticism of Real Madrid,” Ramos told AS. “It is a label I do not agree with. Are Barca a defensive team because they have lost the least games? No.

“It is clear that we arenotshining like Barcelona, but we are picking up results at the moment. My starting point in a game is not defensive though.”

Lets be realistic over here guys, Real Madrid were a team in crisis when this guy took over, what do you expect of him. To go out with 4-3-3 and get whacked? is that what will steady the ship. I think we should not worry about this, the football will soon come with confidence and also we should remember that former coach Del Bosque, he played two defensive midfielders but no one played better football than his team did (Yeah, I know he had the Zidane’s and Figo’s and all the Ronaldo’s”.soweneedsomepatienceguys