Do not get confused by the heading. Though Mijatovic now says that Faubert is not a good enough player for Real Madrid, he is the one incharge of the signings, but Mijatovic has blamed Miguel Angel for this signing. Thank God it is a loan spell only.

To put it in a nutshell, Faubert is a crap player. A dirty winger, used to be a defender, who attacked more than he defended. Faubert, is not like a typical winger, he does not take on players and beats them. He is like a work horse if you like. He just stays on the wing and works hard, so not Real Madrid type.

I think he is just a back up for Robben, in case Robben gets injured, but I think Palanca could have played better than Faubert in that position. With that said, you never know when a players getsmotivationand starts performing. Playing in the Epl means that he is going to be very fit, very strong and very tenacious.

Lets see how this signing turns out. One thing is for sure, Mijatovic is destroying Real Madrid with his poor skills in the transfer market.

Here is the interview:

Do you feel like a Real Madrid player already?
This hasn’t really come as much as a surprise.I

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