Another good performance by Real Madrid. Solid at the back and deadly in attack. Robben was again the star of the game, I mean, he has really upped his game a notch or two. People are now comparing to Lionel Messi, which I think is a bit unfair as Messi is a bit better than Robben, in every aspect of the game known as football.

Raul scored the first goal (a crappy one though) and Robben notched the second which killed off the game. Raul equalled the great Di Stefano’s record of 307 goals for Real Madrid and Real Madrid are now on a 6 match winning streak.

But, as with life, there are no happy endings (lolz). Barcelona who trailed for most of the match against Racing Santander, finally won their match 1-2, two goals from none other than Lionel Messi.

So as a result Barcelon are still 12 points ahead of us, with like 18 games or so to go. This is getting really tight now. I think we should concentrate on our Champions League campaign rather than the League Campaign as Raul said the other day. It is more feasible.

First Half

Numancia fired the first warning on 7′ when Boris found Barkero’s cross only to send it straight into Casillas’ hands. We responded three minutes later, but Juan Pablo had little trouble trapping Higuain’s shot from 27 yards out.

They continued putting pressure on Real Madrid. Their back line advanced to tighten the lines, giving the Whites little room to work with. Gago had a go from the top of the box on 18′ but struck the ball poorly and sent it wide of goal.You know, that shot reminded me that Gago is a defensive midfielder and should not be expected to contribute towards the goal count, also, he is not the greatest ball striker of all time.

Del Pino came closer to striking gold but could only watch in dismay as his shot hit Casillas’ far post (26′). Real Madrid took control in the closing minutes of the first half with Gago directing from the midfield and Pepe battening down the hatches on defense, and they could have gone into theb break with the advantage had Dimas not cleared Heinze’s shot off the line

Second Half

We improved on our intensity in the second half and now Real Madrid players looked like they wanted to win this match , and 180 seconds into the half Robben found a lane on the left side of thebox and foundHiguain.

His shot was deflected by Juan Pablo, but Raul was there to knock in the go-ahead goal and his 307th for Real Madrid. The captain is now level with Di Stefano as Real Madrid’s top scorer of all time.

Eight minutes later Robben dribbled through three defenders and hammered home a tight shot to put Real Madrid up by two.

Robben, no longer the glass man, ran to the bench to celebrate his fifth of the season with Codina. Kresic brought in Aranda and Quero hoping to find an answer, while Van der Vaart replaced Robben. Although the pace slowed, both sides had chances to put more goals on the board.

Huntelaar stepped in for Higuain on 77′ and Raul had a seat with ten minutes remaining. Numancia continued pestering Casillas but were unable to respond to a team that has now won six straight games.

I liked the perfomance of Gago, though he was sent off. The flops of the day for me were Raul and Higuain, both did not get into the game as much as they would have liked too. Raul, did score but that was all because of Robben’s hardwork before that. Higuain, also chased shadowns most of the time.

Anyway,goodwinandI hope Barcelonastartloosing,otherwise,