Raul scored the only goal of the match (again) to give Real Madrid a tight win, but we are still behind Barcelona by 12 points. We now have won 5 straight league games, hurrah!!!.

Juande Ramos started with












Real Madrid attacked alot and tried to create chances but deportivo showed some character and did not kneel so easily. Infact, they did not at all.

There were alot of positives from this game. First was the coordination between Lass and Gago. They are playing as if they are teammates for years. I mean. Diarra bosses the midfield with his strength, recovers balls, makes crushing tackles and then gives it go Gago, who links the midfield and attack very well. They sort of like, complement each other. Though both can handle the mifield on their own.

All defenders had pretty tight game. Sergio Ramos was in particular very energetic in going forward and creating danger in the opponents box. I love the way he attacks, he has some skills that I have not seen in even natural wingers. I still remember the long range free kick he scoredagainstReal Madrid, when he was at Sevilla and the next thing Real Madrid do when the season got over, was to sign him on a long term deal.

He is the best right back in the world now. I know Daniel Alves would like to say something on that, but he must remember, that Ramos can match him in every department but he cannot match Ramos in the heading department.

Raul scored a typical Raul goal, very very messy. I do not know, that whether Lass scored it or Raul. Does not matter now as he is now just 1 goals behind the all time record of Di Stefano. It came from a corner, someone(ofcourse,arealmadridplayerofwhich