Alot has changed in the past few weeks both on and off the field for Real Madrid. Ramon Calderon finally got the sack and Real Madrid starting performing well under the regime of Juande Ramos. We Have won like 4 games on the trout now.

But inspite of all that, Real Madrid is still behind Barcelona by 12 points. The thing is that Barcelona are not dropping any points at all. Though I must say, they aren’t as dominant as some pundits are making them, especially

If you look at Barcelona games, they have also scored some very late goals to get their wins. Also, I think their main strength lies in their ability to attack with pace even during the ending minutes of the game. That is what they have been doing very well.

So it kind of, gives the wrong impression to the general viewer of about how good Barcelona really is. Barcelona did it against Real Madrid. They had a 1-0 stupid lead and then Messi scored a late goal. Same thing with Sevilla and many other sides. That is why Barcelona are turning scores like 2-1 into 5-1’s because they don’t just stop. They keep on attacking till the ref blows his whistle.

I am not saying that Barcelona are worthless, I am just saying that they are not as good as some people are saying they are.

Anyway, Real Madrid also have cracked many goals in the past few weeks. We won our last two games with the scoreline of 0-3 (Against Mallorca, away from home) and 3-1 (Against Osasuna, which we all know was more by luck then performance).

Real Madrid have dropped all their plans of more signings in January because of the sudden resignation of Ramon Calderon and also because, it has been said that Florentino Perez may come back and start a new era of Galacticos Era. Now I am not a huge fan of this policy but right now, looking atthecurrent Real Madrid squad, I think we do need some world class players and by world class I do mean WORLD CLASS. No huntelaar’s and Saviola’s.

Anyway, coming back to our matches in the past two weeks. I was surprised at the tactics Juande Ramos used. Now, Robben is the main man in our attack. Everything goes through him while Raul and Higuain have taken the back seat. Under Schuster, it was Higuain who was running the show. Now our defence looks very solid with the exception of Cannavaro and Heinze. I must say that Lass (Lassana Diarra) has been a great addition to our squad.

He plays very defensively and knows how to pass, plus has the added advantage of playing in the EPL, which is the fastest league in the world (not the best league in the world) and that is why Diarra is always a step ahead of everyone in the opponents team.

Real Madrid started this brilliant run of formfromthemomentJudaneRamostookover