Finally Real Madrid got what they deserved. A win. Though we could have scored atleast 2 more goals. Robben was undoubtly our man of the match. He showcased his speed and energy with the ball and mesmerised defenders with his pure magic feet.

Real Madrid scored in the 3rd minute thanks to Higuain but credit should be given to Robben for all the work that Robben put in before he passed the ball to Higuain, who still had a lot to do as the ball landed on his wrong foot.

After last weeks good performance against Barcelona, Real Madrid showed that the coach Juande Ramos has instilled in them faith and confidence about the way Real Madrid play their football.

First Half

The early surprise was that Raul was left on the bench, probably because he had flu and might not have recovered completely. He was replaced by Van Der Vaart who played with some good consistency in this match because for the first time in his Real Madrid career, Rafael Van der Vaart was playing at his natural position that is just behind the striker, what we call THE HOLE.

Valencia were 2nd on table before this defeat and had performed very well away from home, but they just could not predict Real Madrid attacking strategies, something many teams were able to do this season with ease when Schuster was incharge. Even when Valencia somehow got into Real Madrid’s defense, they had to deal with Casillas, who showed that he is truly back to his best.

Valencia outnumbered us in the mid field as we only had Guti and Gago playing in the midfield and Valencia had like 5 men in the midifield. Marchena was a constant source of pain for Robben and co, as he fouled Robben on several occassions and finally got the red card midway through the second half and I think we will all agree that he was lucky to have been on for so long.

Real Madrid struck early and I thought we would go on and score some more and should have scored more. Robben got the ball from Guti on the wing and Robben then dribbled past two defenders in a very similar fashion to Messi’s. Just when Valencia defenders thought that Robben was going to take a shot, Robben passed it to Higuain.

The ball fell onto Higuain’s left foot and there was not enough time for him to shift the ball to his favoured right foot, so he swinged with his lefty and my word what a finish. The ball curled like hell and beat the keeper all ends up. 1-0 Real Madrid.

Valencia’s right back Del Horno had just recovered from injury before this match and was not match fit at all. Juande Ramos pointed this to his men and Real Madrid constantly played the ball to Robben who took on Del Horno on several occassions. Real Madrid players always played the ball through Del Horno’s side in the first half and Del Horno was struggling bad.

Robben was on a role tonight and beat defenders at will but Van Der Vaart was the one who impressed me the most, and showed some glimpses of what he is capable of if played at right positions. Guti played a through ball to Higuain, who miscontrolled the ball in the penalty area, it seemed like he would loose posession but Higuain’s perseverance paid off, he somehow managed to find Van Der Vaart just outside of the box and Van DerVaart, placedthe ball perfectly into the topcornerofthegoal.Theballhit