clash. Hopefully some new signing will strengthen our squad.

We already have signed Huntelaar, though I think he will not be the one who is going to take us out of crisis. Lassana Diarra is also being strongly linked with Real Madrid.

But our two best players by far, Van Nistelrooy and Muhamadou Diarra are out for the rest of the season.

There have been rumours about Van der Vaart leaving because of not getting enough playing time. He is a fantastic player when he plays in his natural positions. From his last interview, I think it was more than clear that he was very very unhappy at his situation at Real Madrid, as a player of his quality should be.

I think Drenthe should be kicked out for whathedid in the game against Barcelona. God knows, what Real Madrid saw in this pony tail dunce.

I think I would like Real Madrid to sign some world class talents. Huntelaar and Lassana Diarra are not going to win you titles. They might be able to help but are far too inexperienced to play at the big stages. All Mijatovic has done during his tenure is, kicking out world class players and bringing in mediocre players.

Kicked out Baptista and brought in the stupid Drenthe. Kicked Ronaldo out and brought in the dumb Saviola. Kicked out Robinho and brought in who. No one.

I think there is going to be a big problem for Juande Ramos when Guti, Sniejder and Van Der Vaart all become match fit. Then who is he going to stick with and who is he going to bench. It would be similar to the problem England has at the moment with Gerrard and Lampard.

Anyway, I hope Real Madrid recruit some world class talent in the winter market (highly unlikely) and prepare well for this Champions League clash. One thing is for sure, if Real Madrid somehow match to survive Liverpool and rest assured that we will atleast go till the Semi Finals, which will be great.

In a worst case Scenario we may face, Manchester United in Quaters and Barcelona in Semi’s. Now that would be funny.

Hala Madrid. I would love to hear your comments on this. How will Real Madrid approach the game against Liverpool? Should we make specific signings for that match only (that would be a bit outrageous).