Damn. As if Real Madrid were not in much trouble already. Today, Champions League draws were held and here are the Major results.

Manchester United vs Inter Milan.

This one is going to be interesting. I am a big Mourinho fan and I would like his side to thrash Manchester United for the comments made by Ferguson against Real Madrid and it’s prestige.

Chelsea vs Juventus.

I have no interest in this match. I don’t like Scholari’s style and neither of Juventus’s. Juventus is the most boring team in the world. I am saying this not because they beat Real Madrid in this seasaon’s Champion league away and at home but because the way they won. Pathetic goals, it was more like, Real Madrid Lost than Juventus won.

And Finally Our Game.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

This match in terms of history of football, is the greatest match of the bunch. Liverpool have won 5 Champions League and Real Madrid 9. Both are Giants of European football. Liverpool have done much much better than Real Madrid in the Champions League for the last 5 years but have failed at the League Level and as we all know, Real Madrid has excelled in La Liga.

I think this is a bit unfair as it should have been Barcelona who deserved a difficult opponent. I know they came first in their group but still this isn’t the best of draws. Look at this. The best team in Spain, Barcelona, get the lowly Lyon and the club in crisis and injury plagued squad Real Madrid, get Liverpool. Probably the bestChampionsLeague team of them all.

Bentiez (Liverpool’s coach) is the best Champions League coach in the world I think. He always gets Liverpool atleast to the semi final, which as we know, is something Real Madrid have not done in nearly half a decade.

Anyway, now nothing can be done about this. I wanted Olympiakos for our Champions League match but we got the worse possible opponent, Liverpool.

Manchester United may be a bit better than Liverpool but in case of facing Real Madrid, Liverpool is much more formidable opponent than Manchester United, because Liverpool are tactically the strongest team in the world. I don’t think any team puts this much work in tactical department as much as Liverpool does.

Real Madrid haveovertwomonthstoprepareforthis