the injuries there are?
A Champions League match is always important even when you know you have qualified for the next round. We want to do well and win this competition. We need to play well and obtain a good result, although I know the season is long and have to think about resting players.

What will be the first measures you adopt as coach?
It will be hard work because there are a lot of matches played over the course of a season. An important aspect is the psychological work. Players need to know that they must remain calm and stick to what they do best, which is playing football.

Have you already met some of the players? How do you draw up your first squad list in such little time?
I crossed paths with two or three players. I know this team well despite having just arrived,andI will design the squad list with the help of those who work here and who best know the team.

You will have to depend on youth teamers.
We are a little short-handed so it’s likely that we call on one or two. Today’s training session will tell us what we should do. The club’s coaches are more familiar with the academy than I am and I will take their advice.

How does the Real Madrid track suit feel?
I haven’t had time to look in thr mirror or see any of the other goods. There’s time for that.

What changes might you make with respect to the Barcelona match?
My philosophy has always been one match at a time. Right now it is clear that it’s the most important, but we first have to play Zenit, and that’s where we will concentrate all our efforts.

Do you think you can win the Champions League?
Our next Champions League match after Zenit is in February. We have two and a half months to improve, so we’ll see in what condition we’re in when that day comes. Real Madrid has every possibility of climbing up the league table and competing for every title it has at stake right now. That’s what we will do.

Now that your coming in with part of your team, what will be Valter di Salvo’s duties?
As coach I am responsible for the sporting area. I must distribute the work among the different members of the coaching staff as I see fit, and I will try to ensure that the team is always who benefits the most.

Have you thought about how you want the team to play?
My biggest concern right now is knowing who I have available. The system to use depends on those players. I have to assess the players I have to decide which system is best.