I forgot the squad list, so here it is:

Casillas, Dudek
Salgado, Ramos, Antón, Metzelder, Cannavaro, Marcelo
Gago, Robben, Guti, Drenthe, Van der Vaart, Javi García
Raúl, Saviola, Higuaín, Bueno

Also here are some pre-match interviews I got from www.realmadrid.com


Juande Ramos faces his first test on Wednesday against Zenit.
The teams wants to react as quickly as possible to this situation that has been breweing for several weeks. We must improve as soon as possibnle, but it’s best not to speak about the coach. We the players must react and lead the change we all desire. It’s time for us to wake up.

Have there been any changes in impression with the new coach?
We still haven’t spoken to him because everything took place so quickly. We still haven’t met him, but we will when we head out to train.

With the next round already in the bag, the Zenit match appears ideal for Juande to lay down the groundwork oh his work philosophy.
We don’t have our lives at stake, but we do have to respect the Champions League, which is one of Real Madrid’s goals, and Zenit. We have the chance to react and win over the fans.

Was a coaching change necessary?
I’d rather not comment on the coaching change. It’s a club matter. As players we must respect their decision.

Where does the team have a better chance, the Champions League or La Liga?
Tomorrow is our last group stage match and it is important to us due to the situation we’re in. We can then focus on La Liga until our next tie. I like La Liga and winning it is important to me.

Did Schuster tell the squad goodbye?
He sentusall a message but we still haven’t had a chance to see him and tell him goodbye.

How is the team handling the change?
We’re in a difficult situation with all the injuries and our latest results. I understand the club’s decision was difficuly, but we play for Real Madrid and have the talent to take on the rest of the season. Tomorrow’s match gives us the chance to react quickly and to prove that we are capable of playing better.

Juande Ramos

A Champions League match as the boss of Real Madrid appears to have a different rhythm.
Real Madrid’s grandeur is evident in these kinds of things. It comes as no surprise to me because I’ve spent a lot of time in the Spanish league and I know how it works and the repercussions it has on the club. It all went so fast. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Will you rest anyofyourplayersagainstZenitconsideringall