Well. I was going to write Klaas Jan Huntelaar vs Ronaldo (Brazil) today but this story just totally shocked me.

I still can’t get over it. Bye Bye Schuster. He gave us some magic moments that were not witnessed for the past 5 years. One (actually half) a bad season and he gets the axe. That is what you call Real Madrid system.

Anyway, Is Juande Ramos big enough to handle a club as Real Madrid. Where second position is not good enough. Winning is all what matters (most of the time, though Fabio Capello would differ, add Schuster to that list too).

I personally wanted Jose Mourinho to replace Fabio Capello. But Ramon Calderon went for Schuster. I didn’t like him at first but obviously when he won the league title two seasons in a row, I started to think, may be he is the one who would take Real Madrid to the level Del Bosque achieved.

Now Schuster also has been sacked. I again wanted Mourinho to come to Real Madrid (that is why I didn’t want Ramon Calderon to sack Bernd Schsuter in the middle of the season) but I was again disappointed.

Before I go on with Juande Ramos. Let me just say one thing and that is. In the past few weeks. I noticed that Real Madrid players had lost their motivation and hunger for victory this season and they needed some inspiration. Schuster was not able to introduce that into the players. That was the feeling I got, escpecially in the last match agaisnt Sevilla.

May be Ramon Calderon wanted to rejuvenate the side by bringing in Juande Ramos. You know, a new coach always excite the players in the locket room. Players always want to impress the new coach to get that first team place.

Juande Ramos as we all know is a good coach, no.. a great coach. What he did at Sevilla was exceptional. I think he won 5 triphies with Sevilla in a time period of 15 months. Which is something really special.

However, despite leading Tottenahm to a carling cup victory in the season 2007-2008, he got sacked the following season as he (and his methodology) could not come to grips with the completely different style of football played in the EPL.

Now he is at Real Madrid. You can read more about his CV then click here.

I don’t know. I think he coached Sevilla very well but Real Madrid is a different animal.

At Sevilla he had to sign players from youth systems and other lower leaggues. “no names” and “unsung talents” are two labels, you will find on the players who came to play at Sevilla when Juande Ramos was in charge.

Whereas at Real Madrid, he can have the pick of the globe. That may sound quite auspicious but if you look at it from another angle then it doesn’t. While at Sevilla, he didn’t have any big egos to deal with in the dressing room. So he was able to control all of his squad, which worked as a team.

At Real Madrid, one of the biggest problems the coach faces is the problem of satisfying all the egos that are in the locker room. No one has been able to do it since Del Bosque.

Fabio Capello in the season 2006-2007 had a hard time doing it so he put an end to the galactico era. While there maynotbe any such big egos at Real Madrid at the moment, you never know what the future holds.

Real Madrid, sooner or later, will have to sign world class players in order to compete at Champions League and Juande Ramos may have a problem keeping a check on all of them. One of them is Huntelaar. I don’t think, a man with his abilities in going to accept a bench role that easy.

I was relieved to hear that the contract done with Juande Ramos is just for 6 months. He says that he always does short contracts. If Real Madrid people are satifsfied with his work , come the end of the season then the talks of extension can take place.

Which I think is the right approach. Long contracts are always a worry (atleast at Real Madrid). If you sack a coach before that, you have to compensate them, on top of that, you also have to pay a lump sum to the new coach as well.

Likewise with Schuster (when he signed for Real Madrid), I don’t know if Juande Ramos has what it takes to succeed at Champions League stage because that is ultimately what Real Madrid want.

Champions League is the top priority every season for Real Madrid but since we loose in the 2nd round always, so our sporting director says things like “no problem, our priority is the league”. That to some extent may be true, but I know it, Ramon Calderon knows it and I think you know it as well, that Real Madrid need that Champions League crown.

The fans are not going to rest in peace unless Real Madrid win it again. I think, if Ramon Calderon really wants it (and wantstoforsaketheleaguefor,2seasons)