had another excellent chance two minutes later after a brilliant run down the wings. By the 63rd minute, the siege Real Madrid were putting on Sevilla’s goal was overwhelming. Higuaín then scored a brilliant strike 25 meters away from target,

Now that was one heck of a goal. Higuain seems to be kind of a player who rasises his game when the ocassion demands it. Seriously, Salgado I thinik, just put a umaimed lob into the middile of the park. Higuain headed it back to Gago. Who cleverly got two defenders on him and then slipped the ball to Higuain some 8 yards from the half way line. Sevilla didn’t have their numbers back behind the ball. Only the four defenders were defending for a change. From the spot Higuain received the ball, nothing was on his mind except the goal. Smacked the ball low and hard to the keeper left into the bottom corner of the net from outside the penalty area (which is also a serious surprise).

See my point here. What kick started Real Madrid’s comeback. An individual piece of magic. That is what Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo and Beckham used to do when they were at Real Madrid. They instilled faith in their teammates which propelled Real Madrid to the very top of European football.

This goal intensified the team’s performance and it managed to score again when, just a minute later, Guti served a cross into the box and Gago headed the ball in the goal. The crowd went wild and Real Madrid could smell the fragrance of victory or so I thought. Gago’s goal clearly lifted the team enough to go and get the victory. But……..

Robben was sent off on the 75-minute mark with a double booking. Stupid referee, put a stop to the momentum Real Madrid had worked so hard to achieve. The red card was totally unjustified. Robben was only complaining, because he was clearly fouled inside the penalty box. The referee should had realised that in such a intense moment, things like these can happen. He should had told Robben to shut upand next timeif he had done it, then the ref had the right to book him the second time. You do not send off a player for arguing.

Nevertheles. Real Madrid kept trying to net a winning strike while Sevilla did nothing. But then, Nervión grabbed the ball and started a counterattack that was finished off by a header by Renato from a cross by Kanouté (83′). Real Madrid can’t defend with 11 men so why should we expect them to defend with ten!!!.

The fourth goal scored by Sevilla sucked even more than the previous 3. Renato found himself clear in the penalty box. Unmarked, unchalleneged. No one was even near him in the penalty box.

Frankly, I think we if loose (and include draw as well) to Barcelona then we should kiss out La LIga title good bye as I think Barcelona will have enough a lead to go through the the second half of the season. Unless, Real Madrid revolutionize their style of play.

Barcelona have thrashed sides like Sevilla and Valencia. Away from home and at home. Whereas Real Madrid could not beat Sevilla at Bernabeu (their own home) when Barcelona beat Sevilla 0-3 at Sevilla’s home ground. That should be enough to give you the idea of the level at which Barcelona is playing at the moment.

I think Barcelona will win La Liga and Champions League this season. No one can stop them. Unless, Real Madrid sign some real talented players in the winter (which doesn’t look probable), Barcelona are just going to run away with this in a jiffy.

Here are Schuster’s comments.”We did several things wrong throughout the match, but I also think we did some great stuff, especially in the second half. It took us a while to get in the game and many things played against us, but it doesn’t all come down to bad luck.”

“Sevilla helped in the second half by giving us the initiative thanks to their favourable score. We attacked more down the right wing through Robben because it took Royston longer than usual to get in the game. At least we came close to winning the game. We showcased a lot of character, but we failed to win.”

“We are so used to sustaining new injuries that we are somewhat relieved by the fact that Robben and Marcelo will miss the next clash because of bookings. At least that’s something. My players gave their all. Our luck has to change. A turning point would be important to us.”

“I don’t think we had any tactical problems tonight. Their first two goals came from bad defending, but not from bad tactics. We started well and had several chances on goal, but Sevilla’s early strike hurt us badly. They were very effective in attack; they scored as many as three goals from just four chances.”

“I am least worried about the match at Camp Nou than about any other game. Barcelona are in great form and destroying everything that gets in their way. We want to give a good performance against them.”

Marcelo and Higuain also had their say

“The game was a bit crazy. We suffered much, but the important thing is that we managed to draw at one point thanks to doing a good job. We were unlucky to concede a goal in the end. We weren’t awarded two clear penalties that could have changed things, but we can’t do anything about that now. We have to think about the next match now. I would like to play against Barça and it’s a shame I won’t be able to. I would like to help the team. Our fans’ support is very important to us because it helps us win games. Our next few clashes will be very hard and we will need them to back us up.”

“We are sad because we gave our all in the second half and lost. We were superior when we were still eleven on the pitch. They defeated us thanks to a counterattack they pulled off after one of us was sent off. It’s over now and we have to move on because this competition is very long. The fans will always do their best to support us. We have to work on some mistakes and remain calm. I’m happy with my goal, but the team is all that matters to me. Our next games are very important and we want to do well in them.”