Higuain's goal could not save Real Madrid

Higuain's Superb goal could not get Real Madrid the 3 points.

Ok. We lost. Now we are behind Barcelona by 8 points. In 4rth position I think. Need I say more?

I don’t know. Today we saw two Real Madrid sides. One in the first half, totally disoriented at the back and at the front. Poor defending cost us the game again.

Sometimes when I am watching English Premier League, I say to myself “Man, these guys do work on their corners”. Rarely you would see Manchester United or Chelsea concede a goal from air balls, like Real Madrid did in the match against Sevilla.

The second half saw a totally different Real Madrid. Had it not been for Robben’s (unfair) sending off, we would have won the match, let alone draw it.

That is what I am trying to point out. We already are suffering from injured players ( more than half of our first team) and some bad run of form and yet, we have to deal with the poor decisions of the referee. Before I recap. Let me just say that the first goal was offside as the ball had touched Kanoute on the way through, who was in a clear cut offside position.

Secondly, Robben was fouled inside the penalty box (yeah, we were denied a penalty, two infact throughout second half). Referee didn’t do anything and the stupid referee showed him a red card for decent. For heavens sake. It was a derby match, use some common sense referee and let the game continue with 11 a side.

First Half

It took less than a minute for Real Madrid to put Palop to the test with a shot from Robben and a one-on-one between the keeper and Higuaín that was lost by the latter. Sevilla fought back and Adriano scored from a cross by Jesús Navas on the 2-minute mark.

What a stupid goal to give away in such a important match. No marking. Such an easy goal. I mean seriously. Marcelo did not apply enough pressure on Navas, allowed him to put a cross in.

Horrible goal keeping by none other than Casillas. Casillas, known for his agility, really blowed it up (and has been performing under par in the last 4 matches.). Casillas, didn’t handle the cross well, did not come forward and finally, when he got to the ball, he mishandled it. Anyway, it was an offside but the linesman did not see that for some unknown reasons.

The situation got complicated. Real Madrid did not know what hit them. Right from the start, Real Madrid were on the back foot (which has been the case for the past month or so). After that, it was always going to be a uphill taks in order to get anything from the game as Sevilla is the best counter attacking team in La Liga.

Real Madrid desperately tried to look for an opening in Sevilla’s lines, but their defense based on two lines of four players behind the ball, was very solid. Doesn’t it suck.

Every team, every (except Barcelona may be) comes to the Bernabeu and defends deep. That is why we need someone like a Sniejder (or may be better) who can shoot from long range when these suckers shut up shop infront of their goal. Someone like a Gerrard.

I seriously think, that if given the choice. I would sign Gerrard above any player in the world FOR REAL MADRID (after Messi that is). Gerrard can bring back the motivation in these players.

That is what Real Madrid is lacking at the moment, individual class. You look at Real Madrid matches and you see, a team putting a bunch of simple (or intermediate) passes at best and trying to score from it.

How many times, this season have you seen a Real Madrid player taking on a defender or two, and actually ended up beating them. As far as I can recall. May be Robben one or two times and Van Der Vaart in this match once.

When you look at Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Ac Milan. All of these teams have individual quality. Either they have player who are world beaters or they have player who can destroy the keeper from the half way line with their rocket boots.

Chelsea, has Lampard and Ballack who can hitlongshots whereas Barcelona, Ac Milan and Manchester United have players like Messi, Ronaldinho (Kaka too) and C.Ronaldo respectively, who can (on their day) beat whole sides by themselves.

Anyway, that was just something for you guys to think over.

Real Madrid’s reward came in the 18th minute from a set piece. Guti served a brilliant ball from the right wing and Raúl managed to head it into the back of the net grazing the near post.

Three minutes later, Sevilla’s Romaric put the finishing touch on a cross from Renato and Sevilla took the lead again.

Again a stupid corner. Again Real Madri could not mark properly. Judge the poor defending by the fact that Romaric didn’t even jump when he head the ball, no one could stay with him to putt him off his stride. No one. Are we missing Hierro. May be Yes.

However this second goal from Sevilla didn’t dampen the Real Madrid’s spirits one bit. Real Madri continued to play with holes in their back line and while going forward, couldn’t convert their chances.

Real Madrid had several chances on goal, especially through Van der Vaart. Palop was very solid between the posts and cleared all of attempts to score and, to make things worse, Kanouté netted a third for Sevilla on the 38-minute mark.

This goal was a bit unlucky for Real Madrid. Ramos and Cannavaro actually blocked a shot from Adriano (I think). The rebound fell right into Kanoute, who had the whole goal (with Casillas in the middle) to aim at. He killed the ball. Real Madrid down 3-1 at the break.

Second Half

Drenthe took the pitch at the start of the second half, coming in for Van der Vaart. The team’s intensity increased and it reached Sevilla’s goal more often, but they were over-anxious to make a comeback and failed to score despite keeping possession and forcing Sevilla to stay in their half of the pitch.

Real Madrid soon started having some chances and the first was thwarted by a tackle on Higuaín inside the box that was fiercely protested by the crowd,buttherefereedidn’tawardapenalty.