It took me a while to get over this defeat and that is why I am posting a late match report on this. Bottom line Real Madrid sucked again as they have been sucking for the past month or so. Injuries to key players is really starting to hurt the team now.

I cannot believe how can so many injuries occur to the players of the same team in such a short amount of time and all at once. What is happening at Real Madrid. The president Ramon Calderon and Mijatovic have come out and said that they have full faith in their medical team and they are trying to sort out the situation.

I don’t think they even know themselves what’s wrong with the fitness of all the players. Either we have totally injured players or the ones which are playing are playing with minor knocks here and there.

Apart from Casillas no one is 100 % or even 80% fit in the starting line up for Real Madrid.

Anyway, this match sucked. Getafe players were all over us from the start till the end. They were the ones who dictated the play and all Real Madrid was doing was running around chasing shadows.

Sniejder was our key player for that match as I think, right now, he is technically the most accomplished player in the sqaud (Remember, Van Nistelrooy is injured). So after Sniejder got a thigh injury (that was after the goal we conceded very early in the game, I’ll come back to that in a second) after he tried to intercept a misplaced pass and thus got substituted.

After that, there was no one who could control the midfield. Raul and Saviola were mere spectators for most of the game as Real Madrid could not build from the back, our midfielders lost posession very quickly and when they did get the ball to the win to Drenthe. All he did was to run around the defenders and put in a stupid cross.

I am not saying that was a bad strategy but that just shows you the quality of our current line up. There was no creativeness, no life, no nothing in the midfield. We have two strikers, one Raul, who has zero speed and dribbling skill.

The second was the little Saviola. Who though, has some pace, but has no ball control or any sense of movement. Doesn’t know how to position himself when the midfielders are looking for someone to pass to.

Bernd Schuster came up with the same line up that played against Bate Borisov few days ago, with the exception of heinze, who was replaced by Marcelo because Heinze got injured(SurpriseSurprise)..

Real Madrid needed the 3 points desperately to stay with Barcelona and continue their winning streak to 3 matches in the League and Champions League but Getafe were in more need of points and their morale had been boosted thanks to their draw at Camp Nou last week.

Two minutes into the game, Licht served a magnificent ball to Gavilán, who crossed it into the box from the goal-line for Albín to score from a header.

Real Madrid had trouble in getting the hang of the game, Getafe just gave us too much to think about when we stepped on the ground and really Real Madrid were shell shocked.

Getafe made a lot of chances after their first goal and finally Real Madrid made some too. Marcelo hit a powerful shot which just slipped wide of the far post. It was around this time that Real Madrid looked to have settled down. Just as we were about to control the game, Sniejder was stretched off the ground. Bad omen? oh yes.

As is the norm, Getafe slowed the game down after they got their early goal and Real Madrid looked lethargic and dull while attacking in the 3rd half of the pitch. Gago had a chance but couldn’t do anything with it.

To make things worse, Torresstrainedhislefthamstringmusclesandhad