which would have killed the game off but couldn’t find it. Saviola had two great chances but he missed both, no surprises there. Moving on.

BATE had no choice but to go for broke in the second half. This is what you get when you only have a 1-0 lead.

The opposition always thinks that a draw is possible, one stroke of luck or magic and the game is a stalemate. Schuster knew it, and that is why he urged the players forward to go for the throat.A draw would have kept them alive another day in either the Champions League, although tricky, or the UEFA Cup.

One offensive series by Goncharenko’s men ended when Guti receivedablow to the head, forcing him to finish the match with a bandage wrapped around the injured area. Minutes later Ramos was also cut in a mid-air collision with a Belarusian player. Lolz on that.

Real Madrid opted for ball possession and counterattacks to thwart BATE’s advances. Sneijder responded on 59′ with a magical pass to Saviola, who barely missed in a one-on-one with the keeper. The hosts were never discouraged however and had several close calls, but the Madridista defense was impenetrable.

BATE’s misfortune was countered by Real Madrid. Raúl could only watch as his strike from the top of the box stuck the post. Van der Vaart, who replaced Guti, and Wesley Sneijder also had opportunities to slam the door shut.

Alberto Bueno was subbed in for Saviola and made his Champions League debut with three minutes remaining. That was good news, but the headline of the night is that Real Madrid are heading to the Last 16 with one group stage match yet to be played.

The good thing that we can definitely deduce from this win is that, Real Madrid can now rest their main players against Zenit in our next Champions League clash as straight after that we have Barcelona clash, which is like the grand daddy of all Derbies.

So this couldn’t have come at a better time as Real Madrid is already struggling with injuries.