Sorry for this late post, but I actually did write this the next day after the match, just forgot to publish it. Silly me.


Good PROFESSIONAL performance by Real Madrid in Champions League, as they say these days, a very PROFESSIONAL performance. Real Madrid didn’t play the expansive football that they are known for throughout the world or atleast Europe (Manchester United would certainly know that for what Real Madrid did to them in 2003, though after that, Real Madrid haven’t progressed that far to meet them again and Manchester have had far more success at Champions League level than Real Madrid these past 5 years or so.)

The match started in freezing conditions. Real Madrid just wanted to get that early goal to calm the nerves down and just when we all thought Raul was out, he came right back in with a goal. Mind you, it was a lucky one, I think his strike did get a deflection but nevertheless, the finish was exceptional.

Drenthe was the man of the moment in the build up to that goal, as he made space for himself down the left hand side and put in a good hard low cross for Saviola (initially) but Saviola is not the greatest attacker that was ever born, so he tried his best by trying to flick the ball with his strong right foot, missed it completely (thank God, because if he had touched that ball, theballwould had gone into row z), and the ball found Raul, who just blasted it into the goal on the 7nth minute mark.

Schuster played Saviola and Gabriel Heinze, both of which I didn’t want to see before the match. Saviola played as poor as he always does. He is so poor, weak, inadequate, feeble, meager, inferior I just cannot believe how in the world did he end up at Real Madrid.

Anyway, that aside. After that it was a striggle for Real Madrid. In the first half Real Madrid dominated the game, they were head and shoulders above Bate Borisov (more like what we expected if a normal Real Madrid was playing).

Credit to Bate Borisov who never gave up. Real Madridweredesperatelytryingforthesecondgoal