so we hope Higuaín’s is nothing too serious. We are up a point on Villarreal and must wait to see what Barcelona do tomorrow. We’ve managed to lick our wounds and I am confident this team will continue to improve.”

“The fans are fantastic to me and I am very grateful. I am happy to have made my La Liga debut. I had a sour taste in my mouth after scoring last week in the Copa del Rey and then losing. I am always eager to play on the best stage a football player can ask for. All I want to do is help this team. I never forget that I am amemberof Real Madrid Castilla and that I all I want to do is play good football. The team is great to me. I need to thank everyone for being so kind. Tonight’s match was important and the 1-0 final score should give us wings. The team is united and eager to continue winning matches.”

“We are pleased. We didn’t play our best and how the fans really would have liked, but we won and that’s all that counts. We need some tranquility and this was a difficult match that we needed to win. Tuesday’s match is also crucial and we know we have to win if we want to do well in the Champions League. We’ll do everything we can.”

“A lot was said about our defense this week, but we fough and proved that we’re strong. I have played next to Ramos twice. The first time was against Mallorca, and we won that match, too. The win was important in order to continue moving forward. I feel good and my injury is in the past. I just want to continue helping my team. We have to work hard to end the year on a high note. Tuesday’s match is important and we have the next round at stake. We have to do our work, win our matches, and not be concerned with what other teams do.”