I am just really pissed off right now as I wrote a 1600 word match report for the blog but accidently didn’t save it, the draft was only till the 432th word. So, no post for this match report. However, Here are some post match comments.

“The score is all that matters, although I think we still came up a little short because we had some great chances. I liked several things I saw from my team tonight.”

“There’s not doubt winning was all that matters, but it isn’t as significant as many outsiders might think. It was necessary and crucial because we were up against an opponent who we had to beat at home.”

“Gonzalo sprained his ankle and I hope it’s nothing too serious. It’s hard to say how long he’ll be out, but I hope it’s not much. We can’t keep losing a man every day. It really hurts us and prevents us from competing effectively in every competition. Thankfully we have Pepe back.”

“Most of our injuries have happened during matches, meaning it’s not a matter of training. We wouldn’t question it if it was, but they’re a result of being knocked around in matches, which is something totally out of our control. We were unlucky last year and this year as well.It’sonly November and we’ve already had all these injuries.”

“Pepe and Sergio played as centre-backs because of Cannavaro’s absence. Metzelder hasn’t fully healed, but was in the squad list in case we needed to replace someone. I hope to have Fabio back by Tuesday, but Pepe and Sergio played very well.”

Pedja Mijatovic:
“Winning was extremely important after such a tough week, but I think we had plenty of chacnces to score more goals. The three points are all that matter. We have another important match on Tuesday, and the team will maintain its attitude and composure.”