Bate Borisov aren’t in the best of forms themselves. They have lost 2 of their last 5 games I think. Their last Champions League game resulted in 0-2 defeat at the hand of Zenit at home. They drew their last league game too.

With that said, every team gets extra motivation to play against Real Madrid, we have such a reputation, winning 9 Champion League crowns, 5 of them consecutively is no small feat. So it’s, understandable that against Real Madrid, teams do put in a lot of effort to make some sort of an impression.

Schuster is a very unpredictable coach, he doesn’t give out his starting eleven just before the game, just to keep the journalists guessing and the players guessing too. Some say it is not a good practice as players themselves never know it they are playing or not.

I just want him to pick a sensible line up. Don’t go for Heinze, he sucks, better go with Marcelo or Torres, Secondly, I want him to send Saviola in exile. Banish him from the club. Hello, I hate that rabbit fact doofus.

So, I think Schuster is going to have to go with the line up which he used against Huelva, I liked it personally. I think the back four were simply awesome as compared with recent grouping Schuster used which were horrible.

Metzelder may get a chance. I don’t like him by the way. He is too tall and slow. The moment Real Madrid signed him, I knew it was a mistake. I would have gone with Mertesacker if Real Madrid were looking for physical presence in the centre of defense.

Torres-Pepe-Ramos-Marcelowouldbe the ideal line up. It’s is very balanced. Not too old nor a bunch of teenagers. I would think twice putting Cannavaro in there even if he was fit. Because, he is not the same player who played the world cup 2006.

He is not the player who won the Golden Ball or Ballon Dor whatever. He is just a old pro now, very rarely performs to the levels that is expected of him.

In the midfield, I would go for guti-van der vaart-sniejder-gago-Drenthe, yes a 5 man midfield, because now Higuain is injured so Schuster SHOULD either play Raul or Bueno. Mr.Logic says he will never go for Bueno from the start even against Bate Borisov. So it’s going to be Raul I imagine.

Now many would say that the 5 man midfield is not balanced. The answer to that is, yes I know but that is how, unbalanced this squad is. Either Guti or Van Der Vaart would have to play on the right.

I think the duo of Guti and Sniejder can be a deadly combination if Guti decides to show up from the start. I have a feeling that Sniejder is struggling with at least 2 injuries, that is why he is not playing his best.

I would put Gago in front of the back four, I really have hope in him. He is fantastic at controlling the play from the back. I think, he is going to be the next big thing at Real Madrid. I think he and Diarra, though both play at the same position, offer very different traits.

Diarra has more defensive qualities while Gago can play with the ball as well. Plus, he is faster than Diarra but Diarra is better in the air and can be a big bonus while defending corners.

Well, no one can argue about the attacking line up. Because we have ZERO recognized strikers and an improvised striker would be Raul. Saviola as I mentioned before sucks. So he is out.

I haven’t obviously been following BATE, but I have a feeling that they will not make it easy for us. Although they have a little chance of qualifying, they’ll do their best to win or at least get a draw.

Their strategy is going to be simple and plain. Defend in numbers and break on the counter attack from the wings. Whip crosses into the box of Real Madrid, to put Casillas (who is not enjoying his best form at the moment) and Ramos under pressure.

Real Madrid did not beat Bate borisov in the first leg, we barely managed a win in an unconvincing fashion, so now it would be a good chance to prove something to the critics like myself.

Optimistically, Schuster won’t put Heinze and Saviola on the field and would make substitutions when Real Madrid need them, not just for the sake of substitution. Remember, if we don’t win this game then it is going to be very difficult to get out of this group into the knockout stages, let alone topping the group, which I think is already out of Real Madrid’s hands.

My prediction is 1-2 to Real Madrid, with Sniejder and Raul scoring the goals.

What are your thoughts, prediction and lineup? Your voice counts. Who knows Mijatovic might be reading this blog because Rafael Nadal does read tennis blogs he says, so we shouldn’t take it for granted that Mijatovic would be too busy to surf for the internet.