This is a very important match for Real Madrid against BATE BORISOV away from home, so you must know that Real Madrid are ought to struggle.

It’s really unfair to criticize only Real Madrid for Real Madrid’s abysmal performances in recent weeks. Seriously. When you are talking about a club as big as Real Madrid, only winning counts, second place is a failure.

I mean, though Real Madrid have not been playing very well, we have been unfortunate enough to loose many of our key players. Also, the referee’s haven’t been doing us any favours.

Plus, Real Madrid’s management haven’t complied with the wishes of the coach Bernd Schuster so, I think, it would be very unfair to blame Schuster and the players for the recent run of unacceptable results.
Plus, players like Heinze and Saviola haven’t done Real Madrid any favours. The former makes mistakes on the field while the letter is just complete rubbish of a player. Don’t know what the heck was Schuster thinking when he signed Saviola.

I don’t mean to disrespect any of the players of Real Madrid, infact, if you look the names, it is very hard to comprehend as to why Real Madrid struggled against Real Union, Real Valladolid or even Recreativo Huelva, all tier 2 teams.

But if you think about it, who is the one player who can change a game with a swing of his sword? Huh?, I mean, where is that Messi, or Robinho or Ronaldo in our squad.

At best, only Van Nistelrooy or if you twist my arm, Sniejder may be the one who can be classified as game changers. According to Sergio Ramos, he thinks that we have no match winners in this squad.

The bench isn’t nearly as strong as it should be, fringe players like Metzelder, Saviola, Medzelder are just sitting there and getting the cheques in their pockets for watching matches from the bench.

I think Schuster is just upset with Ramon Calderon for not providing him with world class talent. NO wonder, he doesn’t communicate with these players because it would be just a waste of time. Seriously, Saviola? Please bomb him out of Madrid as soon as possible.

Player’s of that low quality do not deserve to wear the Real Madrid shirt.

It can be said that Schuster isn’t vocal as compared to Capello or Mourinho while coaching during the match. He just sits there and observes which may not go down well with some of the players who like to see their coach pumped up or at least look concerned about the game.

Obviously, he does stand up and cheers his players on when the team scores but other than that, he doesn’t use any of his physical presence while the players are on the pitch.

You know what I am saying. People like Ferguson and Mourinho. They are like actors on the sidelines. They guide their players even during the match. So that players know if the coach is satisfied with their work or not.

Regardless of all these factors, AWAY games are always difficult with Real Madrid, likewise for Barcelona as well. Real Madrid are already on a uncontrollable slide, recent poor results haven’t done any good to the side that won the League easily last year, and the injury to Higuain isn’t going to godownwell with Schuster, because Higuain is Real Madrid’s top goal scorer and currently, he is the one who does all the work in attack.

Sniejder, I think will make it to BATE BORISOV, I think he will recover, but still, a fit sniejder is something very special, unfortunately, Sniejder has been hampered by injuries this season so hasn’t been able to play at his mentis best this season.

Bueno from the Castilla team, will probably join the squad. Schuster did bring him on at the end of the game against Recreativo Huelva, but hardly got possession so I don’t know what he is made of.

The Castilla team had been on a wonderful run of form but their unbeaten run came to end this weekend as they were beaten 2-0 by Las Palmas B. Castilla plays in the third division I think. Anyway, Bueno could be an option, I would certainly put him over Saviola. Please allow me to say this one more time. Saviola SUCKS, his face sucks, his body sucks, his football, we all know, sucks, so what does that tell us, yup, SAVIOLA SUCKS. Rant over.

As we all know that Cannavaro, Diarra, Robben and De La Red haven’t recovered yet, while the bad news is that Heinze is back after missing the La Liga game for suspension. Seriously, I mean, he looked a accomplished player at Manchester United, but I don’t know what happened to him at Real Madrid.
Anyway, Here is the full squad list:

Casillas, Dudek, Codina
Torres, Marcelo, Heinze, Salgado, Pepe, Metzelder, Ramos
Gago, Guti, Snejder, Drenthe, Javi García, Van der Vaart