by sliding in. Sergio Ramos was a bit hesitant to go forward and close him down, he didn’t and Real Madrid payed the price.

One more thing to notice here is that Heinze is not a natural centre back. That’s why he got dragged to the right hand side leaving the penalty box unguarded and I cannot believe how much space Real Madrid gave to Valldolid in build up to that goal.

Anyway, that somewhat forced Real Madrid to raise their game and we started playing with a spring in the step. Real Madrid created several chances after that. Schuster made some positive changes, he took Marcelo off and brought in Saviola. Brough Drenthe on for Van Der Vaart (who had a dreadful night).

That gave Real Madrid some pace to work with on the left wing but really there was no creativity in the midfield even with the arrival of Sneijder though he also worked hard. Schuster brought Sniejder on for Javi Garcia, so Schustere wanted Real Madrid to get something from this game and remained positive my making attacking substitutes.

HiguaĆ­n and Cannavaro were unlucky with ensuing headers that were off the mark. Cannvaro made some excellent headers which could have been goals on any other day but this night was unlucky for Real Madrid. One of this thumping headers was cleared off the line by a defender.

The best chance of the gam (BY FAR!!!!!!!) fell to Raul. It was a misplaced back pass which Raul anticipated andhe wasthrough the defence, one on one with the goal keeper. He wasn’t being closed down by any defender.

He could’ve dribbled past the goal keeper. But he spurned it by hitting the goal keeper.

That was our best chance as we had no attacking player who could change the game with a stroke of a wand. Raul SHOULD have scored. I am telling you. That is the sole reason why I always loved Ronaldo’s footballing brain (I am talking about the Brazillian one, C.Ronaldo just sucks on these situations).

Ronaldo rarely tried to beat the keeper by taking a shot when he latched onto misplaced back passes or when ever he got free of the defence and had one on ones with the goal keeper.

What he always did was, he dribbled past the keeper to set himself up with a open goal and lots of time and space to place the ball (just a mere formality after he dribbled past the keeper).

The moment I saw Raul finding himself in open space with the ball and only keeper to beat. I said to myself “oh please dont take a shot, please dribble past him with a side step or something and then finish” but as I finished saying this, Raul did exactly the opposite.

For 2 minutes I couldn’t believe that Raul missed that chance. I seriously wanted to kill him.

Anyway, I knew after that, Real Madrid was going to loose this game because we really needed some luck to get the team going. Raul’s missed chance really hurt the team’s morale and after that Real Madrid couldn’t really make any chances what so ever.

We did get some corners and some good deliveries from Sniejder. Cannvaro tried hard to do something with them but couldn’t.

One More thing. Heinze should also be shot to death. Real Madrid had enough probelms on the field already but Heinze wanted some more. He talked himself into a red card. He kept on arguing about something with the referee who had to sent him off.

Someone must tell these dope heads that when the team is loosing (or going through a bad patch) like Real Madrid was, then we should always put the team first and our problems second. Heinze should have just got along the game.

He could have done “IT” after the game but I don’t know why he wanted to further humiliate Real Madrid. The team was already going through very tough moments and this was really the final nail in the coffin.

My thoughts on Schuster

We shouldn’t really criticize only Schuster. The referees haven’t been fair to us neither has the sporting director of Real Madrid Pedja Mijatovic to Schuster. The injuries haven’t helped either.

Schuster has lost almost all of hs key players. Didn’t get the players he wanted in the summer market. Mijatovic has his own plans which obviously have not come to reep any rewards.

Anyway, I still want him sacked. I want Mourinho. Atleast he would be able to win Champions League for Real Madrid with a 100 million budget (like Schuster had).