Suks to Schuster, to Raul and especiall to Heinze (please banish him from the sqaud )Real Madrid deserve this defeat tonight. We had nothing going forward. Couldn’t defend and the players themselves didn’t help to the team’s cause either. With Heinze getting himself a red card for a stupid reason and Raul missing a sitter.

The result is nothing more than Real Madrid deserved. Injuries, lack of attacking players, no creativity has been the cause of the downfall of Real Madrid in recent weeks.

The only good news is that Valencia also lost it’s match. So we are on level points with them. I really hope that Barcelona and Sevilla also loose their respective matches.

Otherwise, if Barcelona wins, their lead over Real Madrid would be of 5 points. Which is a lot at this stage of the season. Plus Barcelona is playing at a very high level. It will be very hard for Real Madrid to compete with them unless we get some SERIOUS TALENT in the winter transfer market.

First Half

It was a very very scrappy first half. Real Madrid virtually created no chance and did next to nothing to satisfy the critics.

I am not going to start commentating the match because that isn’t worth it. Real Madrid played crap game. Had no control in the midfield. Lost posession way too often. Most of the posession was being kepy by Valladolid. Who had pace and skill in their attack.

Like most teams. Valladolid attacked Real Madrid from the wings and had some pretty decent chances to score a goal or to. Cannvaro played wonderfully well in the first half. He made some crucial tackles, which, if he had missed would have been sure goals.

Surprisingly, Casillas made some horrendous mistakes in the first half. There were two ocassions on which he tried to clear a back pass and gave it straight to Valladolid players though they couldn’t capitalise on these gifted opportunites.

Real Madrid lacked pace and skill. Real Madrid had Raul and Higuain upfront but no one could supply balls to them. Higuain toiled hard in the first half to get some posession and did take on a player or two in order to lift the tempo at which the game was being played.

Raul, as usual worked hard, closed Valladolid’s defenders down and tried to make chances but there was just no depth or thought to these moves. Real Madrid lacked creativity. Guti looked way out of form and fitness in the first half. Got booked for a clumpsy tackle.

The midfield consisted of Guti, Gago, Van der vaart (who also had a awful first half but tried hard to get into the game) and Javi Garcia.

Javi Garcia played no where, I couldn’t quite figure out what his role was on the field. I know him as a central defensive midfielder, more like where Gago plays or played. Gago had a good first half by the way, runned his socks off, closed down their midfielders and tried to link defense with midfiled and attack (which didn’texistin the first half).

Valladolid defended in numbers, which made life difficult for Real Madrid, with Van Nistelrooy, Sniejder and Robben, Real Madrid looked pretty dull while going forward. No width, no touch, no skill, no quality. Higuain was by far the best attacker on the field.

Marcelo did try to compensate for lack of depth in attack by making some runs but he is not Roberto Carlos, just didn’t have the composure to put together some moves. Either he lost the ball or made a silly foul (or misplaced the pass).

Second Half

Second half started even worse for Real Madrid. With Valladolid putting pressure on Real Madrid and Real Madrid being force to defend deep.

This game sucked so bad. Real Madrid hardly could threaten the Valldolid goal. Valladolid on the other hand had purpose and determination to go forward and take the game to Real Madrid.

Only three minutes had ticked off the clock when Valladolid gained the upper hand. Canobbio found himself unmarked at the top of the box, where he received a pass from the right wing and sent a powerful shot into the right corner of Casillas’ goal.

It was awful defending by Real Madrid. First, the player who put the pass into the box dribbled past a defender very easily by the side line before he put in a sort of cut back pass. Canobbio found himself with yards of space to work with, took like 3 touches and then released a unstoppable shot.

Gago was the onlyonewhotriedtoclosehimdown