Big match coming up. It’s Juventus. More like our European Rival. I mean seriously, when was the last time Real Madrid got the better of Juventus? (that I leave to you guys to find out).

The White Colisseum is a tough stadium for all Italian sides; Real Madrid have only lost 4 of their 29 encounters with Italians in the Bernabeu.

December 1984. First leg of the UEFA Cup semifinal between Inter Milan and Real Madrid. After Milan won 2-0 at San Siro, legendary Real Madrid defender Juanito approached Milan defender Graziano Bini and said, “Noventa minuti en el Bernabéu son molto longo” (90 minutes are the Bernabéu is a very long time). Real Madrid won 3-0 in the Spanish capital and played in the final. Juanito was tight.

As for Juventus, Their last visit took place in the 2004/05 season and they lost 1-0 thanks to a goal by Iván Helguera.

Anyway. A win for Real will see the group tip in their favor with only a trip to BATE and a home game against Zenit left to qualify to the latter stages. Then again a draw or loss to Juve would mean that while qualification would still be very much possible, it most likely would be in 2nd place, putting us in a tougher match in the 2nd round.

Real Madrid will have to perform a 100 times better (if not more) against Juventus tonight then that hap hazard performance against Almeria in order to get anything from this game.

I think Real Madrid will have to play with a postive attitude and a positive approach to the game in order to get the desired result. Juventus is a strong said needless to say, but they are not infallible.

We need to attack more, we need to improve our wing play, our creativity going forward. We need to be much tighter at the back. We need all sorts of improvements because the game agains Almeria was just horrible and I hope it was just an off day but they way Real Madrid has been playing for the past month, it certainly doesn’t look so.

Juventus News

Ok. Good news is that Juventus still has not got out of their injury crisis , with Cristiano Zanetti, Gianluigi Buffon, David Trezeguet, and Zdenek Grygera all definitely out, while Claudio Marchiso being ruled out just yesterday even though he traveled with the squad to Madrid.

There is the possibility of Tiago starting in place of Marchiso, as he played against Roma and did fairly well there.
We will be seeing a very similar lineup as the one we saw two weeks ago, so we know what to expect on Wednesday night:

—-Amauri–Del Piero—-

A very similar lineup to what we saw, and an almost identical one to what beat Roma 2-0.

The main addition to the already dangerous attacking line up of Juventus us Mauro Camoranesi. He has returned from injury and was on the bench against Roma. I expect him to come off the bench in this game too, when Real’s legs are tired. Iaquinta will be a threat off the bench while Giovinco has been rarely used but is a very crafty young player.

Claudio ranier’s team has won every game it’s played since its previous clash with the Whites and is only four points behind the leader in the Italian league.Alessandro del Piero is performing at a very high level and even scored from a beautiful free-kick in his team’s previous league clash.

Real Madrid will therefore have to stay alert during set pieces. Amauri is also having a great run and is currently Juventus’ top-scorer with five strikes, as well as the man Ranieri uses the most.

Real Madrid News

Despite all the above mentioned about Juventus, Bernd Schuster’s men know they will have the support of a packed Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and that they will be able to count on Ruud van Nistelrooy, who has scored in the team’s previous three Champions League clashes.

Real Madrid hope to take three points and become group leaders again, which wouldallowthem to play at home in the second leg of the following round.

Miguel Torres and Ruud van Nistelrooy were back in action with the squad and should be cleared to play against Juventus. Pepe has been slowed by a badly bruised left thigh ( had a bad collision with an Almeria player) and worked out in the gym. Rubén de la Red, who fainted in Cup action against Real Union Irun, is still recovering at home.

So the squad is pretty much complete, we have all our key players and that SHOULD mean that Real Madrid will be able to perform better than their last league match which quite frankly SUCKED.

OK, so Casillas is the obvious confirmed numbere 1 player in our line up.

I would like to see Sergio Ramos on the right and Marcelo on the left. Heinze has been so poor these past weeks. His mistakes have single handedly cost Real Madrid some crucial points. He is experienced, way more experienced than Marcelo but right now, he looks like a 18 yo kid.

Personally, I would always have Salgado as the right back and Sergio Ramos in the centre of the defence because I have zero confidence in Cannavaro and Pepe. Both are so inconsistent. In one match they perform like Champions and in the next they perform like street players.

Anyway, so Schuster is probably going to play it safe and go for Cannvaro and Heinze in the centre ( I don’t think Pepe will be able to start) with Marcelo on the left.

With Marcelo on the left, there will be sufficient support for Robben to attack and have a helping hand in tight situations too. Marcelo has better range of passing than Heinze.

Sergio Ramos is going to start (against my wishes) on the right. Seriously, he does need some help on the right. He is so alone there. Real Madrid lack width and that’s why Ramos is supposed to run the whole right flank by himself. Defend plus attack. That’s a little tough on the Under 23 Spain International.

Coming to the midfield now. I thinkSchusterisgoingtogowithGuti-Gago-Sneijder-Robben.