I wanted to make this post to let some people know that though C.Ronaldo MAY look invincible right now but there is or may be even are, downsides with his style of play. So cutting all the crap in trying to compare him to L.Messi lets have a look shall we at C.Ronaldo.Basically Ronaldo has (or can have):PRO


  • Extreme pace. Some people call C.Ronaldo a “speed demon” and I am one of those people.
  • Can create things out of nothing against teams that don’t come with a specific plan on how to tackle him, which is usually the case in EPL.
  • Is very very fit, which means he can run all day long. This quality specially comes in handy when his team receives a red card or something. He can take that extra load on himself
  • Can Shoot with both feet, though his left foot strike is nothing more than a swinger. Doesn’t really try to control the ball, just wacks it towards the goal.
  • Can take ridiculous free kicks. Which curve, bend, accelerate at the same time and change directions multiple times
  • Has got individual skill which enables him to go past defenders at ease by twomethods.Either he dribbles past them with skill or he just goes for route one and runs them out of competition.
  • Can head the ball really well for someone who has so much skill in his boots.
  • Has got every trick in the book and some more that aren’t in the book
  • Entertaining to the fans, most people pay just to watch him train very unlike players like Gattuso or Giggs for that matter
  • Has a good footballing brain, though not the best. Sometimes makes awful decisions.
  • Quick feet enables him to maneuver the ball in very tight spaces
  • HisnameisRonaldo.Whenadefenderreads