first one. Finally, Almeria decided that it had to start making chances because Real Madrid were just content with keeping the ball and pass it aroung their backline.

Almeria made a dozen of chances from which they could had scored 3 goals but scored only one which was sufficient to draw the game. They scored thanks to a neat finish by Piatto after he got a menacing cross into the penalty area. Heinze was again caught off guard on this situation and ended up struggling to put any sort of pressure on the scorer.

Casillas couldn’t do anything about that goal. Real Madrid just sucked. Especially, Metzelder. Who mostly headed the ball into the feat of opponent players since he got on for the injured Pepe at half time.Before the goal was concded.

Schuster replaced Higuain, who was by far our best player on the pitch. That tells me that Van Nistelrooy MIGHT not make it to Juventus match.

Anyway, with this performance I think Real Madrid can kiss their Champions Leauge prospects good bye for good. As we played horribly tonight.

On one occasion, Sneijder found Raúl unmarked and the captain slipped the ball to Diarra, whose goal was waved off after the linesman ruled him offside. Raul could had scored the goal himself but he was too un selfish or was he.

I think he just did not have enough confidence in himself to take the shot and beat the goal keeper so he squared it to Diarra who was offside. Pity

The hosts kept their foot on the gas with twelve minutes left on the clock, but it was Real Madrid who had the best chance of pulling off the win. Robben, however, was denied by the legs of the goalkeeper. The Whites notched a point in the draw and kept their title hopes very much alive.

Heinze also had a chance near the end, with a free header 2 feet outside the opponents goal and he failed to even hit the target.

Compared to the second half, the first half wasindeedheavenly.

I failed to see how a team like ours can look so good on paper and yet look so bad on the pitch. Almeria definitely deserved a point from this match, if not the win. Real didn’t look like they were playing to win.

They toyed around with the ball, gave up possession too easily, settled for long-distance shots that didn’t hit the target. Weak.

Almeria, on the other hand, played to win. They moved around with purpose, and after Metzelder came in for Pepe, they attacked his space with gusto and caused havoc in the Madrid backline.

Our lack of width again haunted us. With no one to threaten the flanks except the Glass Man, Almeria could keep one of the fullbacks in tight to help out whenever we attacked up the middle, which was almost always.

Ramos was also nominated to attack on the wings, but he will almost always cut into the middle rather than trying to burst to the corner flag.

I dunno… I don’t see help around the corner. We don’t have anyone on the bench who can solve this.

Maybe Guti can get more flow into the game, but he’s not the poster child for consistency.

Drenthe is still too raw, Saviola is crap, and any of the other central midfielders who aren’t starting a given match only duplicate whoever is on the pitch.

Sucking performance by Real Madrid. A Striker signing is a MUST and a winger signing is a MUST MUST in the winter market. Otherwise, I don’t think Real Madrid will win anything this season. Europe has got too much competition in it so no matter what Real Madrid do, they cannot win it this season atleast.

As for LA Liga, Barcelona are starting to get the SUPERSTARS to act together and if we make a one on one comparison of Barcelona with any team, in LA LIGA or in the whole world, they would outclass everybody.

I don’t know but I think, this season is not going to be a happy outing for Schuster. Real Madrid are already behind Barcelona by two points and I don’t think Real Madrid would be able to earn anything when they player Barcelona few months later.

I can’t comment on this game any more. It is just making me sick. People said Capello was boring and so was his style. I say to them, Capello who? Come to the Bernabeu to see Schuster.

1-0 Raúl 38′
1-1 Piatti 81′

Almería: Diego Alves; Bruno, Chico, Pellerano, Mané; Juanma Ortiz (Crusat 46), Julio Álvarez, Juanito (Soriano 75), Piatti; Corona (Kala Uche 46); Negredo.

Real Madrid: Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Cannavaro, Pepe (Metzelder 46), Heinze; Diarra, Gago; Higuaín (Van der Vaart 72), Sneijder (Guti 78), Robben; Raúl.

Yellow Cards: Kalu Uche 55, Juanito 61, Soriano 90, Negredo 90 – Sneijder 63, Casillas 90.

Referee: González Vázquez

Schuster’s comments

We are pleased with the draw, but we let two points slip through our fingers. Once again we didn’t capitalize on good counterattacks and we never finished off a play that would have allowed us to score the second. I did like the team’s attitude, though.”

“We didn’t push hard enough when we had the chance, especially when Almería were seeking the equaliser. We felt comfortable and controlled well, but we have the talent to finish a lot stronger and win the match.”

Robben and Cannavaro also fet disguted. ( I think the whole team should feel that way)

I am going home feeling like we lost two points. We had the match under control at all times, but we even almost lost.”

“We cannot slip up on Wednesday against Juventus. We have to win at all cost to be the group leader and qualify for the next round.”

“I am upset about the result. We had our chances but couldn’t finish. A real shame.”

“Real Madrid must defeat Juventus on Wednesday. We have two days to prepare and we need to win any which way we can. We won’t give the Italians any option of leaving with points in hand.”