lineup , I think the Sergio Ramos situation still has not been solved, the media is throwing all sorts of crap. I have even heard that Sergio Ramos’s brother is now talking with Real Madrid about a possible move to AC Milan as early as this winter’s market. Though no reliable source has been quoted as yet..

I also expect to see Dudek, Guti, Diarra and hopefully Saviola all starting.

I would’nt start with Raul (he does need some rest to get some sort of form back). Casillas needs to refresh himself mentally and Pepe, also should not be used, because hehasn’tbeen performing at an high level that one would expect from 30 million euro signing.

He needs some time to think about his weaknesses and his strengths and how can he use them both to his advantage.

Real Union’s Resent Results:

Racing Santander B 0-1 Real Unión (Second Division)
Real Unión 0-1 Racing Ferrol (Second Division)
Deportivo La Coruña B 0-2 Real Unión (Second Division)
Real Unión 2-1 Barakaldo (Copa Del Rey)
Real Unión 1-1 Ciudad Santiago (Second Division)









Del La Red (if he is available),


Saviola (if Schuster decides to give him a chance)

Van Nistelrooy. (a doubtful)


I think, it won’t be as easy as most Real Madrid would want it to be. Real Union have won their last 4 matches and have lost just once, plus, Real Madrid will be playing away from home and against a lowly team that will defend for their lives, but I believe we will win this one and I’m gonna predict a 3-2 win.

Van Nistelrooy, Saviola and I am going to add a twist to the third goal. It will be scored by a second half substitute, who goes by the name of Javi Garcia