Real Unión – Real Madrid
Gal Stadium

Ok. Let me just give you a little background regarding this match. Real Union as we all SHOULD know, it not the powerhouse of European football by any means.

Real Madrid and Real Union met eight times in the four years the Irun-based squad played in Primera Division. The first match took place on 31 March 1929 and ended in a 2-0 Real Madrid win, a result that would repeat itself in the second half of the season. Real Madrid won two and drew four of the remaining six matches.

Copa success

Contrary to Real Union’s lack of success against Real Madrid in league play, Real Union defeated Real Madrid ( I hate to tell this to all Real Madrid fans) in the Spanish Cup, a title they won on three occasions (four if you include that won by Racing de Irun, who later merged with Real Union in 1913).

Two of the titles were won in finals against Real Madrid, the first of which also happened to be their first meeting ever during the 1918 campaign (2-0). The Basque side repeated their achievement in 1922 after eliminated Real Madrid in the semifinals (Damn you Real Union).

The next time the two teams met was apainful1-0 defeat for Real Madrid in the final of the King Alfonso XIII Cup.

Luck remained on Real Union’s side in 1927, when they again eliminated Real Madrid (ok, this is really getting on my nerves) in semifinal action (2-0). The last encounter between the two took place in 1933, a Last 16 tie won 11-0 by Real Madrid. That should teach them a lesson, not to mess with Real Madrid.

I think Schuster shouldn’t underestimate this game because it is in Real Union’s stadium and the last time Real Madrid played them was quite a while ago.

Having said that, I expect Cannavaro, SalgadoandSaiolatoreturntothestarting