to help the team in Champions League.

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Perez wants to get involved. AGAIN

Perez wants to get involved. AGAIN

Real’s ex-president, Florentino Pérez intends to return to the helm at Real Madrid in the 2010 presidential elections.

Apparently, there are many people in Madrid who don’t like how the club is run and two of those are Perez and Juan Villalonga that I wrote about a few days ago. Perez says that he is unhappy and wants to restore the club’s pride.

Well, I am a bit baffled myself about this. Perez or Calderon. Well, I would prefer Calderon on any day though what Perez did to Real Madrid was remarkable, in both positive and negative senses.

We all know about the Galacticos Era so I don’t want to get into it’s successes and failures again. I do however, plan to write another post relating to that Era. But, till then, you’ll have to wait. I won’t reveal it’s title just now.

Perez gave Real Madrid a lot of things. But one thing he did was so ghastly selfish was that he left Real Madrid when it was in deep crisis. He left Real Madrid, after his master plan faultered and when he couldn’t handle the situation, he jumped the ship instead of, stabilising the club and atleast, giving the new president something to work with.

He left th club in a complete turmoil which really shows Perez’s character. This man is not to be trusted. He wants to use RealMadridas a marketing machine and nothing else. Though, Calderon is not as established and competant as Perez is, but atleast he looks after the interest of the club and I think, would never do to the club what Perez did and then just run away like a wimp.

I’m not a big fan of Calderon either, but the way he manages the club is much more efficient and a bit more stable, than the way Perez managed the club back in his time.

At least, Calderon doesn’t disrespect his players. He knows the value and importance of each one of them unlike Perez who only accepted attacking and BEAUTIFUL players.

Anyways, I don’t know about you guys , but Andres Iniesta was a Real Madrid youth player – yeah really.

When he was 12, he was playing with his local club Albacete. He impressed Real Madrid and his parents agreed to let him move. They thought their son would continue developing and eventually play in the Bernabeu but there was one snag.

Real Madrid’s training center for youth team players was close a red light district patrolled by prostitutes and so his parents had their worries.

They received an offer from Barcelona and accepted it (So Iniesta wouldn’t spend his family’s fortune on ACTIVITIES other than football if we assume that Real Madrid’s training centre was at a NOT-IDEAL place.

You would be flabergasted, if I keep on going with the player who had been in Real Madrid’s youth academy and wanted to make it to the first team, but couldn’t and left. The list is quite long so I am going to save it for some other time.Otherwise this would be on hell of a long post.


Real Madrid’s president was not impressed when the club’s sporting director criticised Alfonso Alvarez Izquierdo’s performance and the coach followed suit in the press conference.

Real Madrid were accused of not knowing how to win and Calderón was concerned that the complaints from within had harmed the club’s reputation.

We have to help the referees,” he told Marca.

I have always said that a club as large as Real Madrid cannot make excuses about the referes, injuries or bad luck.”

I am going to agree on that. Real Madrid is the greatest club of the 20th century (OFFICIALLY!!). So I don’t think a club this great should use excuses like that. Though it has to be said that the points made are absolutely valid and true, but that’s the difference between a club like Real Madrid and lets say Arsenal.

Great teams, win, no matter what. They don’t make excuses and always dig out victories in adverse conditions.

Anyway, coming back to the referee thing, Athletic had Fernando Amorebieta sent off, while Real Madrid could have had Marcelo shown a red card for a lunge on Joseba Etxeberria, but instead the reigning champions bemoaned their own bad luck.

Mijatovic spoke of a conspiracy against the club after seeing a goal ruled out for offside for the second consecutive week and Schuster also said he was concerned by the matchday officials.

More tomorrow.