Sergio Ramos was dropped from Real Madrid’s first team by Bernd Schuster, in the weekend clash with Athletic Bilbao after he caused a stir by publicly declaring in an interview that he was not enjoying his football with Real Madrid.

Following the game, coach Bernd Schuster stressed that he did not bench the young star as a form of punishment, yet Sergio Ramos was nevertheless unhappy with the decision.

However, Bernd Schusterer has decided not to let the issue fester any further and had a heart-to-heart chat with Sergio Ramos (the right-back) during yesterday’s training session at Valdebebas.

Spanish sports daily Diario As, which conducted the initial interview with Sergio Ramos, has now revealed the conversation that took place between the pair.

The player began by admitting that, “It may have been a mistake to say what I said to the press, although I do not regret it because it was honestly how I felt.”

Schuster responded by saying: “Talking to the press does not fix anything. My door is always open if you wish to talk.

“It is true that we are missing a (right) winger, but I have already requested the club to find someone.

“However, if the back-up does not arrive, then we have to keep relying on you but we must clarify one thing: it you cannot attack and defend at the same time – think about defending first. That is the most important thing.”

Schuster then went on to assure Ramos that his surprise omission from the starting line-up was not a punishment, but it was simply done to allow him to rest.

The coach concluded the talk with words of encouragement: “You have always believed in us and because of that, we will always believe in you.

You are an important player in this team and we need you at your best.

Just last week, Real Madrid sporting director Predrag Mijatovic has made it a top priority during the winter transfer window to sign a new attacking right winger.

I think, Schuster has handled the situation very well. Sergio Ramos is the BEST right back in the world. He is young and has got plenty of years ahead of him. After Robinho’s loss, Real Madrid just cannot afford to loose another World Class player in the same season.

Sergio Ramos will probably be the next symbol of Real Madrid and I am glad Schuster has calmed the whole situation down befeore it reached it’s boiling point.

Now Sergio Ramos knows that he is a valued player at Real Madrid and that feeling is very important for a player to perform his best at any club. I think, we will see the return of old Sergio Ramos with a lot more experience under his belt.

Anyway, coming back to the problem that Schuster discussed with Sergio Ramos. I have been saying it all along since the start of the season (even when Robinho wasn’t sold) that Real Madrid need a striker or atleast another attacking player.

Van Der Vaart is OK. yeah, but what did I just say, he is OKAY. As Sergio Ramos said in a recent interview that we need a player who can changeagame and he think exactly like me. That Sneijder and Guti, are good players. No doubt. But we need somone like Messi, kaka, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho.

Realistically speaking, Real Madrid would have a very limited bunch of players to choose from come the winter transfer market. C.Ronaldo, is definitely going to stay at Manchester United, atleast for this season.

Quaresma has already been signed up by Inter Milan. So that leaves us with Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Both are good, but I would rather use someone from Real Madrid’s youth than to splash (or waste) money on these two guys. They are talented but Real Madrid is looking for a A+ player.

If Real Madrid can’t find a winger then I think Real Madrid should go for a striker. Adriano is my pick, he is not comfortable at Inter, Inter Milan don’t really count on him. Adriano has got loads of talent, potential and a football brain to go along with it. He can run, shoot, head, push, punch (Yes, literally), he is basically a complete centre foward.

When he is on song, there is no one who can touch him. He is just supreme. There is a reason why people in Italy used to call him “The Emperor”, plus, he is still young. Apparently, barely a year older than Robinho.

So, a decent deal is possible. Otherwise, I also could go on and say, “Real Madrid should break bank for Huntelaar, Benzema etc etc, add kaka to that too”. But I won’t as it’s just not possible in the winter transfer market, it’s of no use to buyanexpensiveplayerwhowon’tbeable