Real Madrid might have been in impressive form this season (though we already have lost 2 matches since the start of the season and are currently in 5fth place in La liga I think) but defender Sergio Ramos has come in for a fair amount of criticism for his play, both going forward and at the back.

Sergio has been hailed as one of the best right backs in Europe by some commentators (he is the best, at such young age, it’s unbelievable that he has achieved so much in his young career, he is just 22) but now he says that he is not enjoying playing because of the critics.

“I feel well personally and mentally but also upset with the comments I am getting and the way I am being criticised,” he started, “I try to keep balance on the pitch but each time I feel more alone on the right side and the problems are always for me. That is a little unfair.”

One of the solutions would be to change the system of play or to put more solid players there to help me out but today I am not only asked to defend. The fundamental thing for a defender is to defend and if you can contribute more than that is good.

“I have a very clear concept and that is to contribute the maximum to the team. The unique thing is that [Bernd] Schuster wants us to be concentrated and to give our all. He tells me I do my work well, that I defend well and incorporate into the attack but one has to worry about your position being covered. What cannot happen is that you attack, go forward and then defend against the attack of the other team,” said the defender.

Despite the criticism though Ramos has not lost his place in the side (for now) and has been one of the most utilized players by Bernd Schuster in the season so far. He says that he is currently playing in pain and with trouble though and that he is not being able to play at 100%, even though he ‘enjoys playing in everything.’

Whilst he might enjoy playing in every game he also says that at the moment he is not enjoying playing football because at times he does not get the help he needs down the right like he did with David Beckham and players before him.

If I am honest I do not enjoy playing. Before I had Beckham and others on the right that helped me a lot but now I am very alone on the wing. The ‘bad day’ rating is for Sergio and always Sergio plays bad and concedes the goal because he was not defending.”

I remain with the last few minutes against Juventus when [Arjen] Robben and [Royston] Drenthe were down the wings creating pressure and I was a lot more relaxed because I could contribute going forward and in defence. Maybe this system does not suit us but it seems to be the only one which doesn’t do me too badly,” explained the right back.

Icanunderstand what Ramos is going through. He is now attracting the scouts of other European giants and now he knows that he has a reputation. Ac Milan, Manchester United and Manchester City all want him and are willing to pay more than what he currently earns at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid also are not looking interesting in discussing a new deal with Sergio Ramos. Sergio Ramos is a tremendous player, make no mistake on that. I think, Real Madrid should resolve his situation before it gets out of hand and Sergio too leaves Real Madrid like Robinho.

We can’t afford to loose a player of his quality. I know he has not been performing at the levels he did last season but that’s just something that comes along with you when you are a little something called HUMAN.

He can’t play a perfect game all the time for the whole season. So I think the critics should give him some time and space to make him feel confident about himself, rather than pouncing on his every mistake and blaming him for every bad result comes in Real Madrid’s way.

Anyway, Sergio Ramos still believes that Real Madrid can do well in the Champions League despite loosing to a weakened Juventus side.

“I have not had the fortune to go far in the Champions League and we have not won it for many years. I want to win it and the fans deserve it.”

“I think we can win it, we need toimprovebutwehavetime,“opinedthe