The man pictured above is running for the job of president of Real Madrid against Ramon Calderon and he has something up his sleeve that is of extreme interest to everybody.

The impresario is set to stand for the top job at the Bernabéu against current incumbent, Ramón Calderón, and is planning to copy the plan laid down by previous chief Florentino Pérez.

Under Pérez, Madrid signed such star names as Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo and Villalonga believes that Madrid should once again be looking to sign stars of a similar stature.

Players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaká should be at Real Madrid,” he told COPE radio. “I will copy the model that Florentino used.

“I have called Florentino and I expressed my desire to stand and use his ideas, but it will be on my own terms.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Florentino and I think we should continue the good work that he did.

While Pérez coined the phrase Zidanes and Pavónes to describe his idea of combining star names with homegrown players, Villalonga has tweaked that idea.

If I do win then I would like to introduce a system of Zidanes and Butragueños. We have to call upon the talent from the youth teams and combine them with world class players,” he added.

I think, what happened to Barcelona and the old Real Madrid under Perez is sufficient proof, that this policy cannot be put into practical situations, in today’s football world. Barcelona tried this, they bought the best for every position and thought, they would win everything and ended up winning nothing, co-incidence, I think not.

Real Madrid tried to do it about 5 years ago, though Real Madrid were successful, but that success was temporary. I am not totally against it, mind you. I ll let you know my suggestion in a bit but first, let me comment on something that many people are saying about this. Some people are saying that “look at what is happening with Milan, they are trying to copy the galacticos and thus they will fail”.

Yes, Ac Milan is most likely to fail, but not because they are adopting this GALACTICOS policy, but because they are doing it the wrong way, the cheap way. They are signing great players who have long gone past their best. All of them are more or less old. No young blood.

So I think AC Milan’s situation is different. As for Barcelona, their mistake was that they signed too many great players playing at their peak. That leads to dressing room problems with all the big egos sitting around. Also, it leads to team selection difficulties, the coach has to play a system in which all of the so calld SUPERSTARS can fit into and if one of them is left out, then problems arise between club, coach and the player.

What Barcelona did wrong was that they signd 3 best strikers, 4 best midfielders, 4 best defenders and a poor keeper, so there was no balance and too many egos.

Real Madrid 5 years ago made the mistake of not balancing their squad when they signed world’s best players. As we all know, BALANCE is the single most important thing in life, let alone football. If you don’t have balance, you won’t be at peace.

Real Madrid of 5 years ago, kept on signing attacking players, beautiful players and kept on neglecting the players who do all the dirty work at the back,defendersand defensive midfielders. Real Madrid bombed out Makelele and replaced him with Beckham, lolz on that. What a logic. Don’t know what Perez or coach Del Bosque was thinking when they let Makelele go.

So there you go, in the above 3 cases (which happen to be the only 3 cases), there was something majorly wrong in applying the GALACTICO policy. They didn’t do it the right way.

Therefore, my suggestion is, that GALACTICOS policy should be brought back, but with some limitations and the first and foremost is, that, only one “BEST” player for one particular area of the field. Like have 1 best striker, 1 best midfielder, 1 best defender, 1 best left or right back but not both and 1 best goal keeper.

Prime example of this system is Manchester United. They won the EPL and Champions League last season. Look at their squad, they Rooney (and Tevez too), the current best young striker in his own right. Doesn’t havee a big ego and both are prepared to fight for the ball.

There are other strikers like Henry and Eto, but they have attitude problems plus they are older. Manchester United have the best midfielder, in Ronaldo. They have the best defender in Rio Ferdinand and the Goal Keeper is one of the best in Van Der Saar. Not to mention best left back Evra, this guy has awesome speed.

Do bear in mind that in football, no single player for a position can be considered to be the absolute best, its always, one of the best or one of the top 5, depending on their weekly performances.

Now, I suggest that Real Madrid should buy one player, who is the best at his position for the 3 departments of attack, midfield and defence.