Real Madrid played crap and Juventus played a great game (obvious isn’t it, but stating the obvious is an old habit of mine). Before the game, in the preview, I said it wasn’t going to be as close as some people were suggesting. And till 66th minute, I was almost proved right (though in a negative way) as it was Juventus dominating. I was a bit disappointed with the performances of some players tonight which I will mention later in the article.

As I never expected, Juventus gave a hell of a game. Although they had many players injured, each player on the pitch was a “key player”.

Just five minutes after the kick-off, Del Piero scored a magic goal from 25 yards. How did the ball get to him is beyond me, not literally, obviously Real Madrid were keeping a high line which is always a high risk game and the short pass made before Del Piero shot for the goal, got through Pepe’s legs which is a bit embarrassing to say the least but you have to admire that finish which Del Piero gave that ball.

Casillas is one of the best Goal keeper in the world, if not the best at stopping shots, to wrong foot a keeper of Casillas’s class from such a long range is really commendable. Add to that, it wasn’t a rocket shot, it didn’t scream past Casillas, just the placement and the bend on the ball was perfect. Casillas couldn’t do anything. Real Madrid on the back foot 4 minutes into the game.

One thing I do know, is that the midfield was absolutely crap. I’m not a professional coach but playing with Sneijder, Gago and Van Der Vaart at the same time wasn’t the best decision Schuster has ever made. I would have atleast played Diarra in this match. Gago is a bit young to handle this big a occasion.

Why was it a mistake? Well, because neither Sneijder nor Van Der Vaart would go back and recover the ball. It is not their job and they are not built or trained to do it throughout a match in the first place. This was Gago’s job and hedidn’tlive up to the expectation.

That’s where Diarra was missing. Gago, with all due respect, is not a Real Madrid Class Player or at least he isn’t yet, in terms of consistency (he definitely has got the talent). I don’t think he made any effective passes tonight. Sneijder worked his ass-off while Gago was a little bit put off, by the magnitude of the match.

If I were Schuster, I would have started with De La Red instead. He wouldn’t have replaced Diarra but I think he is a bit more composed than Gago.

Another thing which I thought was stupid was playing with three strikers while the midfield wasn’t that strong and effective to feed those strikers. If Robben wasn’t fit then he wouldn’t have came in the second half or made the squad in the first place so why the hell he didn’t start?

When he came in later, he did an amazing job. I think he was definitely our best player in addition to Sneijder who is getting to full match fitness very quickly.