Real Madrid snatch victory from the jaws of no, jaws of a DRAW (I know I say that a lot, but Real Madrid do that a lot)

Real Madrid snatch victory from the jaws of defeat….no no, jaws of a DRAW (I know I say that a lot, but Real Madrid do that a lot)

Well, what a magnificent piece of football we saw being played between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid last night. Both sides gave this match, all they had. Real Madrid were a bit unlucky not to win this one 1-4 instead of 1-2 as the referee was a bit biased and favored the home side. A goal from Van Nistelrooy early in the first half and then an equalizer from Simao from a free kick 30 yards out in the 93rd minute gave the impression on an inevitable draw.

But Real Madrid defied the inevitable, Real Madrid scored in thee 96th minute thanks to some dribbling skills by Drenthe inside the box which lead to a foul on him inside the penalty box. Higuain stepped up for that and scored in the last second. The keeper guessed the direction of Higuain’s shot but was unable to cope with the power of the shot.

Victory for Real Madrid and one to remember for the ages. Real Madrid now look like a team that strives on competition and adversary.

It was a thriller of a match with both sides playing attacking football from the start. Real Madrid looked like they weren’t going to settle for a draw and Atletico weren’t going to oblige to that.

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It was an fiery affair with both sides getting emotional blow ups which lead to both sides being cut down to 10 men in the first half and because of that, in the second half it was all football and no non sense.

Rubén De la Red and Gago took position in the midfield and Marcelo stepped in for Heinze in defense as Bernd Schuster shouted last minute instructions to his attack-oriented lineup led by Raúl, Higuaín an Van Nistelrooy (who got a sent off later in the first half). What transpired in the first minute was simply inevitable with such a potent show of offense. Only 34 seconds had ticked off the clock when Van Nistelrooy received a ball on the left corner of the box and fired between Leo Franco and the right post.

With the lead in their favor, Real Madrid continued pressuring the Atleti box. One minute after scoring, Sneijder whipped a spectacular shot on goal only to be stymied by the keeper. Having to play catch-up on their home turf, the Atletico to Agüero and Forlán to mount the comeback. Eight minutes in, Pepe put a quick stop to a combination between the two forwards. Pernía then tested Casillas was a bullet that the keeper managed to clear for a corner kick (min. 15).

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Real Madrid held onto the ball into the first half and incessantly sought the back of Leo Franco’s net. De la Red nearly put the second on the board but was rejected by the Atleti defense, and Marcelo was unsuccessful after the deflection had fallen at his feet (min. 20). Van Nistelrooy thought he had notched another brace one minute later, but the goal was disallowed after the line judge considered Nistelrooy offside. Raúl also fell victim to the referee after dribbling past the keeper only for the goal to be waved off (min. 29).

What a sucker the referee was in this match. Had no idea how to handle this local derby and made some awful decisions as we will observebelow.

Thephysical nature of the match continued to grow. Nerves ran wild on both ends of the pitch and Perea was sent off for getting too much arm and elbow in Sneijder’s face (min. 30). But Atletico were only a man down for nine minutes. Mr. Clos Gómez misinterpreted a tackle on Maniche by Van Nistelrooy, who was also sent to the showers (min. 39).

Higuaín had the first attempt on goal in the second half but was unsuccessful after a double take save by the keeper (min. 49). Higuain later received a pass from Sneijder only to be rejected from point-blank range. The rebound landed in front of De la Red, who also forced Leo Franco to make the save (min. 53).

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Atletico were much more difficult to handle in the second half. Kun Agüero sent a shot just wide of the post 57 minutes in. He later found an open running lane along the right wing and crossed into Forlán, who was inaccurate most of the night (min. 62).

Real Madrid’s defense was perpetually put to the test in the final thirty minutes. Simao replaced Pernía and Van der Vaart was subbed in for Sneijder. Simao proved to be the perfect complement to Agüero and Forlán and nearly pulled Atletico level with a stike that grazed the post (min. 75).

Simao was looking very dangerous when he came on. He showed great one on one skills and some pace to go along with it which troubled Sergio Ramos who had some difficulty keeping up with Simao as Simao’s quick feet and clever thinking often caught Ramos off-guard.

Pepe stepped into a ball that Agüero was about to unleash on Casillas and Real Madrid held ontothelead(min.83).TheWhitesanswered