win the Champions League this year. Only then can I settle down.“

There were some rumors floating around that Cannavaro was intending to go to Napoli once his contract expires. He said a few times in the past that he wishes to finish his career there where he kicked-it off.

But before doing that he wants to win more titles, specifically the Champions League, the only title he hasn’t won. And only Real Madrid can hep him do that.

Being a long time admirer (especially after World Cup 2006, where Cannavaro looked immortal) of Cannavaromyself,I support a contract-extension. Not only because he is an exceptional defender, but because we don’t have a “ready” replacement in place yet. Neither Heinze nor Metzelder is capable of being as good as Cannavaro in central defense.

Age is not an issue though. Cannavaro has always taken care of his physical form and that’s why he is still playing up to this day. He has his ups and downs, nevertheless, he does a pretty reasonable job. Well, it’s good enough to keep Real Madrid close to the top of the league so I don’t think there is any issue over Cannavaro being over aged.

Well, that’s it for now. Should I find something interesting, I’ll make sure to mention it here.

P.S: has anyone got any info on Ruud and whether he’ll be able to play?


Well, I’ve just found out via Marca that Arjen Robben will not play against Atletico Madrid next weekend.

While he is probably okay, Marca says that doctors don’t want to “risk” and rather rest him so he’d be 100% fit against Juventus.

There hasn’t been any official word from Real Madrid, but I’m keeping an eye on their website.

Fingers crossed.