United group.

They think that by signing Robinho they could bring anyone. They’ve got to understand that there are other things other than money which attract players – that is history and prestige.

Why would Ronaldo leave Man United for Man City, that is a crazy idea even in writing? Why would Buffon leave Juventus for Man City? or Why would Kaka leave Milan for Man City? The reason Robinho signed for them is because he desperately wanted to leave Real Madrid because of his situation and yeah, money was a factor too.

No one else would trade Real Madrid for Man City – no matter what.

Some people say things like “Real Madrid shouldn’t destabilize the football market with such a huge signing”, I beg to differ as I think, any club that has money doesn’t give a damn to what will happen to the market. Bottom Line, Real Madrid have the money to do it, so I say Real Madrid should do it.

Real Madrid did sign Zidane for ahugeamount from Juventus a few years back, that didn’t do any harm to the transfer market and even if it did, why the hell should Real Madrid care. Real Madrid won trophies after the arrival of Zidane and I think, for most of us, that’s the only thing that counts.

Ronaldo will not come at a cheap price, his market value will remain close to 70 or 80 million euros because of his market value, fan following and his reputation among other players.

Departure of Robinho has seen Real Madrid loose that sting in attack, with no player having enough about him to caus havoc on his own, Van Nistelrooy has the finish but little one to one skills, Robben has one to one skills but doesn’t have the finish or a football mind.

With the arrival of Ronaldo, I think it will add some real pace to our attacking line up. I think fans will support every move which Real Madrid would construct with Ronaldo and as we all know, that can have a huge impact in the outcome of certain games.

Ronaldo’s arrival would alarm all the teams of La Liga. Defender’s will mark him tightly which will leave spaces open for players like Van der Vaart and Sneijder who can really hurt you if given space and time.

These are just some of the benefits of signing Ronaldo. I wasn’t in favour of it when it originally came out in the media. I still don’t, if I look at Ronaldo’s football skills and his potential, but the fact is, media has given him so much hype and attention that now, he is getting more respect, way more respect than his skills deserve.

We all know, mentality is half the battle in sports. Ronaldo has won that battle because of his image, that’s the reason I would go for him. Plus Real Madrid do need a winger and there aren’t too many good players left which are willing to leave their clubs for Real Madrid as all have already joined big European clubs in the summer market.

What do you think?

Hala Madrid!