Told you it wasn’t the end of Ronaldo saga and guess what. Real Madrid is back again to try for Ronaldo AGAIN!!!.

Bernd Schuster has revealed that Real Madrid will try again to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.
Ronaldo was heavily linked with a move to the Bernabeu this summer, but due to Man UTD’s unwillingness to let him go, it all failed.

However, Schuster hopes that by next summer (Looks like Schuster still hasn’t learnt his lesson of not speaking about other club’s players in the media directly), Ronaldo would be a Real Madrid player:

“We must do everything possible as it would be worth it to have this player,” Schuster told Spanish newspaper Marca.

“I think this year it will be a little complicated for his club to hang on to him.

Real Madrid made just one official offer. They offered Man UTD 80m euros for their winger, but Schuster says that they will lower their bid this time:

There is no other solution other than to make a large bid as they’ll not let him go on the cheap,” he said. “Next year the price could be a little lower.”

80 million euros is a lot of money and I think a player of Ronaldo’s quality does not deserve this. Hell apart from Messi, I don’t think any player deserves this kind of money. But the fact is , Ronaldo’s reputation has gone sky rocket. Now it goes like this. Even when he is not playing well in a match, such is his reputation that defenders are scared of him for no apparent reason other than watching him in training videos with all those quick tricks.

Once, your reputation builds in football, it takes a long time to loose it. Defenders give too much respect to Ronaldo because of all his media hype about his perfect game, which I think is 80 percent dependant on speed and if one keeps his cool against him, his effectiveness can be reduced significantly as many players have proved in the past, Gattuso in ChampionsLeagueand Clichy of Arsenal, in EPL.

Both above mentioned players, didn’t give a damn to his reputation and just sticked to what they were taught in training and Ronaldo always gets a rough ride from both of these players.

With that said, I think Spanish Defenders are even more scared of Ronaldo than any other League defenders. It’s just natural here in Spain.

So I think Real Madrid should go for Ronaldo for 80 million, I think he is worth it. He would repay that amount within weeks with all the media attention, sponsor contracts, image rights and merchandise sales.

Plus, now that we don’t have Robinho, I think it is a good time as any to sign a winger who can create things and do more stuff on the pitch.

Had Inter Milan not signed Quaresma, I would have said that Real Madrid should go for Quaresma plus Benzema instead of Ronaldo for 80 million euros.

Real will also face competition from Manchester City who were taking over by AbuDhabi-alotofmoney-