Real Madrid’s Van Nistelrooy Injured And Champions League.


So no action this week due to international break, but plenty of news related to Real Madrid, as is always the case. Such a huge club, there is always something happening at this club, so unpredictable and that is what I like about Real Madrid among many other things.


Anyway, moving on to the news that have caught my attention today.

It has been reported today that Ruud Van Nistelrooy didn’t train due to a pain in his lower back. He was told to train in the gym with midfielders: Gago, Robben & Guti.

It isn’t yet known whether he’ll miss the derby or not, but to me, it doesn’t seems that serious. However, we need to wait for the doctors’ report to know the seriousness of the situation.

Meanwhile, both Guti and Robben are reportedly fit for the clash against Atletico Madrid. This is certainly a good thing as we need both to play. Gago will probably make it as well.

If Van Nistelrooy doesn’t get recovered in time, we might see Saviola start. I’m saying this because I want him to start, but it is unlikely, since Schuster is seemingly not a big fan and will instead start with Higuain.

I don’t want Saviola to start because I am a big fan of his or something. I just want Schuster to give him a chance and may be, just may be Saviola can show Schuster to think about. I doubt it, I think he is a very very averageplayer.

Hewas once a prodigy in Argentina but I think the expectation and fan pressure (media attention too) got to him and he got ahead of himself thus lost his game.

Seriously, I don’t think he will be at Real Madrid next season, Real Madrid got him for free from Barcelona. Saviola might have thought, his situation would change but it didn’t and Real Madrid probably wanted to make a profit out of Saviola.

Anyway, Another option is to start with one striker upfront and in this case: Rau’l. The midfield would consist of Diarra, Guti/De La Red, VDV, Sneijder & Robben.

Personally, I’d go for two strikers upfront – because,( especially in this case,) Rau’l can’t play alone – he needssomeonetoplaywithhim.Raulisn’t