– the strength in midfield.

Though I picked Diarra for Gago, but I think as time goes one, Gago is going to be the main stay of Real Madrid midfield. I think he has such a acute sense of when to tackle and when not to.

Plus, he can play the ball which we all know Diarra cant. Gago is more clever than Diarra. There were some instances where Gago just knew which trick the attacker was going to use against him and he countered efficiently.

Diarra is on the slower side, not that Gago is fast but you get the idea. Plus, Gago asks for the ball no matter what the situation. Which believe me is a big help when the team is going through a rough patch.
I play football matches too and I am almost dying to see another player asking the ball from me, players usually want to get away from the ball when the team is down but Gago does the exact opposite.

But as I said, Gago is young, Diarra isn’t. From Champions League point of view, I am going to stick with Diarra as long as he is fit.

Van Der Vaart:

Guti could go in here? Well…. What I hate about Guti is the fact that he only plays well when he is in mood. In other words, he is inconsistent. If I just knew what makes him in good mood, I’d let Schuster know. Maybe sex 20 minutes prior to a game? As Pepe knows? I don’t know, so I’d go for Van Der Vaart instead.


He is an awesome player, who can do anything and everything on a football field while attacking. Wesley is the sort of player who is capable of changing the fate of opposing teams. He is class – and I hate those jerks who claim that he can’t wintheBallon D’or or the FIFA World Player of The Year.

People, it doesn’t only depend on the player and his performances, it depends on the team he is playing on, what trophy they won (In this case, the Champions League gets you the award) and how many goals you scored, to which I may or may not agree. I think the criteria to select the best player in the world is a bit biased. It should be titled more like “Best attacker in the world”. Personally I think, there should be 4 awards, World Keeper of the year, World Defender of the year, World midfielder of the year and World Striker of the year and a player may win more than 1 award.

Anyway, Cannavaro won it the hard way, That’s how Cannavaro won it. He won it because:

1- He won the World Cup with Italy.

2- He gave a fantastic performance throughout the tournament.

3- He won the Seria A with Juventus.
So If Real win the Champions League, and Sneijder scores 4 or 5 goals in that tournament, he will get it – for sure that’s the obvious thing.

Injuries has chased Robben since he started playing football professionally. I was surprised to know how many things he achieved when he was just starting out. But as you know, we all call him “Glass knees”. He gets injured too much and that’s something on has to deal with if one wants to become the best in the world.

Now, Robben is surely among the world’s best wingers. He is fast, smart and shoots well. Hell, he is class. On the downside, he is pretty much a one dimensional player and his right foot is awful, but he is the best winger Real Madrid have, so I am going to go with him for now at least.

I belive in Raul so much. And this would be a tough decision because I’d choose between: Rau’l – the legend and captain & Higuain – the young and impressive, but its going to be Raul, for now. Higuain needs to work on his skills and some pace.

Higuain is too raw at the moment. He needs to sharpen himself and work on making something his trade mark. Like finishing or heading.

Raul is the man everyone goes to for answers when Real Madrid is loosing. He has such an calming affect on his teammates. He leads by example and like Rafael Nadal, never gives up and always tries to give his best and leaves nothing on the pitch.

He rarely complains about stuff and performs at his best when he is struggling which is a very rare quality. The only other player I know (active player) that has that ability is Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

I think Real Madrid have made enough world class striker signing in the past 5 or 6 years, only to see Raul working hard to retain his position and his place in the team. That alone is enough justification for his place in my line up, especially when you consider the names Real Madrid have signed in the last few years.

Some of them include Ronaldo, Robinho, Baptista, Owen, Morientes

Van Nistelrooy:
I’m not gonna talk about this one. I’m not qualified sorry because I think its as obvious as it gets. One of the greatest strikers on the past decade. Perhaps, seconded only by none other than Ronaldo. Van Nistelrooy has got a killer finish on his foot and can finish moves , most players only dream of.
So, alright, I’m gonna shut up now. Answer that question.