Real Madrid’s Best Line up

That’s a tough question because it depends on so many variables (or constants or whatever, I am not good at mathematical concepts) It depends on the team you are playing, on the players you have and on other factors, but If you were Bernd Schuster, and you had everyone fit, who would you lineup?

Though I personally love to play a 4-3-3 line up. When I play FIFA 08, I always use this line up because this is the only line up I can think of if I want to win against the computer on Legendary difficulty. It gives me a lot of options in attack, I can go from the wings, through the middle, a little bit of both and some more creative approaches.

Anyway, considering this is REAL life and I can’t risk that much like I do in a video game with little to no consequences (all I have to do when I fail is, load a savegame), If I was Schuster I would use
4-1-4-1 because of the squad we have and not all players perform at their potential in every match.


Obviously, everyone will pick Casillas, he would the first person on my team sheet, anytime. Not only because he won the Euro 2008, but because he is always consistent and is a goalie that you can truly count on under pressure situations. He is the best, we all know it. He has got it all. Buffon can’t dive like him and so can’t Cech. Casillas can easily save me a game or two every month.


Sergio Ramos has improved dramatically during the last couple of seasons. I wasn’t impressed with his performances when he came in 2005, but as I said, he has significantly improved, and is now considered to be one of the best defenders in Europe because of his maturity and his young age. I mean, he is already starting to lead Real Madrid in times of hardship which really shows his caliber.
He used to be a little stupid while defending in the previous seasons where he would concede free kicks and penalty kicks in horrible situations and most of the time, for nothing. Just like Heinze conceded a stupid and pointless penalty in the last game against Espanyol which really THE POINT in the match as Real Madrid ended up drawing the game.

Sergio Ramos is now much more competent and composed when in awkward situations. I think he needs to work on his marking a bit more. But at such an early age, there is no limit to his potential. If he stays at Real Madrid, there is no doubt in my mind that he will go down as one of the greatest defenders of all time.

A lot of people criticized Calderon and Pedja Mijatovic , for paying 30m euros for a bald, skinny guy called Pepe (no offense to Pepe but how else would you describe him ). I also questioned his signing, but the guy has shown respect, commitment and hard work. He really kicked-ass against Barcelona last season at the Cam Nou, that’s when he started being the real “Pepe” which all knew in his time at FC Porto.

He has the pace and the stamina to run down any attacker. Sometimes he tries to win balls that are impossible to win, but he tries never the less and concedes silly free kicks. I like only because of two reasons, one, he has pace and two, he can head the ball which means he can defend deep in Real Madrid penalty area.


If you know me, then you know that I’mabig, big, fan of Cannavaro, I love him and I have a lot of respect for him. Although he is quite old, Cannavaro is still undeniably one of if not the best central defender in the world purely because of his experience and ability to judge the game in advance, he can read strikers better than themselves and can anticipate to ridiculous levels, sometimes it feels like if everything is scripted, but as we all know and should assume that football is not scripted.

He has the quality, the physical shape and the winning mentality that a Real Madrid player should have. Why not pick him, when he is the World Champion too.


I thought I’d go for Heinze in here, but you know what, I don’t think he is better than Marcelo, at least, not right now. Yes, Heinze has got the experience, but he doesn’t have a brain “sometimes” and usually make a lot of stupid mistakes (Real Madrid vs Espanyol – last weekend as I mentioned before). Though he has done it for the first time since joining Real Madrid, but at Real Madrid, there is no room for that kind of stupid mistakes.

On the other hand, Marcelo is younger, faster and growing. He might lack the experience required for a Champions League knock-out clash, but he has everything else. I say, I have faith in this guy. He may not be the next Roberto Carlos but I think if he keeps his head down then he can come pretty close to being a Roberto Carlos.

He has to work on his shooting and passing a lot.


Diarra is one of the two defensive midfielders we have in our squad.Gago might have the excellent passing skill (that he was brought for) -buthedoesn’thavewhatDiarrahas