Real Madrid 2-2 Espanyol


Real Madrid did not perform to the level that was expected from Real Madrid in this match. There are many obvious reasons but just to make one important point which I make time and time again. WE NEED A INDIVIDUAL QUALITY STRIKER OR WINGER.

Robben is ok, but he is not a finished article, he does few things exceptionally and the rest normal, like Rafael Nadal of tennis. We need someone like Robinho who we sold because of that Stupid Ronaldo saga.
I am of the opinion. That it is impossible now to strengthen this side for Champions League as every good player has played the Champions League so obviously those good players can’t play for Real Madrid in the Champions League.

What I would do is, sign some players for La Liga and then rest the players which Real Madrid can count on in the Champions League.

I think the prime targets for Real Madrid should be, Adriano or Huntelaar. I favour Adriano a bit more as he has got more individual quality than any striker on the planet, it’s just that, being a Brazillian, he feels the need to be happy all time in order to perform which we know is not possible in real life.

Huntelaar, being a Dutchman is very very professional and doesn’t let his off field life or activities interfere with his on field performances.

Anyway, that was my feeling which came out of this match. Now coming back to the match itself.

So, captain Rau’l scored two goals, huh? Yeah, I know, I hear you saying that I should shut up but wait — Rau’l gave a good performance and scored because he benefited so much from the rotation system I talked about.

I have criticized him on many occasions on this blogandI was right when I said he should be benched sometimes and tonight was a proof. He was fresh, focused and eager to improve. He really played well tonight.

Unfortunately, we were the ones who needed to comeback — and not just once but twice. Tamudo put the visitors ahead in the 20th minute of the first half from the penalty spot. It was legitimate as Heinze for some weird reason tackled Tamudo which was not required.

I mean. Tamudo was near the by line in the Real Madrid penalty box, Heinze was coming across Tamudo to close him down so that Tamudo wont take a shot directly at goal. Tamudo cut inside Heinze and took him out of the equation but Heinze didn’t admit this defeat of his and just caught Tamudo with his trailing leg and Tamudo obliged him by going down and getting a penalty.

Any defender would have just admittedtothefactthathegotbeaten