Schuster’s future And Sniejder’s Situation

Schuster's Future doesn't look bright

Schuster’s Future doesn’t look bright


This comes as a bit of a shock news. Schuster is not guaranteed a contract extension at Real Madrid despite his successes with Real Madrid over the past season and a half.

Schuster also has come under heavy criticism lately due to his tactics backfiring and his bad “word of mouth”.
News is that Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon and Sporting director think that Schuster’s attitude towards them is not very “respectable” and that he doesn’t know how to handle to the media, to put in simple words.Reports are saying that both parties are not satisfied with each others work and Schuster may quit next season.

Which I think would be a major blow especially at this time (or at that future time) as all the good coaches have been signed by other clubs. If this statement had come in the news at the end of last season then I wouldn’t have even cared to write a post about this as Jose Mourinho was “club less” at that time and would have been the best possible coach to coach Real Madrid or to manage Real Madrid.

Right now I think if Schuster leaves than it would be a little less than a disaster as Capello ain’t free, Benitez (liverpool’s coach), Wenger (Arsenal’s coach), Ferguson (Manchester United’s coach) will not be available in the near future. But as we know, in football or for that matter in life, anything is possible.

So we’ll have to wait and see what develops between Schuster and Calderon. I never believed Calderon and Schuster’s funny interviews where they just came out and said things like “everythingisok”, Schuster is not that kind of a guy.

His personality demands attention and attracts controversy. Anyway, Calderon thinks that Schuster is a bit too “vociferous” about team and club affairs. Secondly, He doesn’t know what he needs, rather he always demands what he wants.

Schuster on the other hand though knows that Calderon understands his successes with the club, but think that Mijatovic and Calderon’s involvment in team selection and new signings is a bit too over the line and Schuster doesn’t like this.

This is the reason why both parties think that there won’t be a renewal to Schuster’s contract. I would like to see how does it affect Schuster and his performance with Real Madrid from this point on till the end of the season. But as always, these are all rumour, which in football aretoomanytimestrueasopposedto