Schuster does need to improve on things and Admits somethings too

I have been talking about the idea of installing a fair and effective rotation system that would keep the players fresh and the team in top form for sometime now. Mijatovic has made a statement that he likes this policy of Schuster and will, in future benefit the team so that Real Madrid can push for titles at the end of the season.

Relying on players like Rau’l, Guti, Casillas..etc all the time is never good, because, although they are among the world’s best in their respective positions, they can’t always give their best.

What I have been discussing specifically is the Rau’l – Higuan/Saviola thing. Rau’l is undoubtedly a legend, a player that compares to the likes of Zidane, Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Not necessarily in talent, not in performance but in terms of what he means to the team. Raul is a symbol, players look up to him when in doubt during a match. He leads us in the Champions League and most of all, against Barcelona.

However, due to the fact he has been playing football for a long time and due to other factors, he can’t play 60 matches every season. He must be rotated with other strikers so he himself regain his form and always stay fresh.

That would also help the other strikers to shine and serve the team. There is no point in benching Higuain or Saviola when either could score goals. There is no point in putting a lot of pressure on Rau’l and exhausting him to the state that he even forgets how to kick the ball properly.

Playing for Real Madrid is not easy especially when you are playing like crap. You have to accept a lot of criticism from the fans and the media. And trust me, the Spanish press is not easy, they really do hurt you personally. One wrong foot and your in the firing line.

One thing that isdifferentin Spain than in England is that, in Spain, to some extent, fans run the club. If fans don’t like somebody, he usually gets the axe. A player, a president, director, coach, you name it, Real Madrid has done it.

Spanish media has more practical power than English press. English press though has more media coverage but in terms of, something happening from what the press do, Spain leads the lot.

I remember Arrigo Sacchi, the Italian coach, once talking about Capello’s job at Madrid saying:

“Living in Madrid is like being in hell”

He tasted it and he knows what it is like – thats very true – especially during the dark ages (2003-2006) – our coaches were living in hell. Whenever the team lost, they would be pumped with a lot of harsh criticism from the media, and oh the fans, you don’t want to hear the swearing and the other stuff around you in the stadium like when they show whitehankercheifs,thatusuallymean”Getout”.