Zenit 1-2 Real Madrid

Real Madrid hung onto a slender lead.

Real Madrid hung onto a slender lead.

A goal from Rud Van Nistelrooy was enough to take this important away victory for Real Madrid. Other goal came from an own goal ealier which gave Real Madrid the lead early in the first half. Zenit did strike back but so did Real Madrid.

Real Madrid played a very very professional match. By professional match, I mean very very reserved and sticking to a game plan rather than going for entertainment.

Real Madrid just did what was required to win. Though Zenit had their chances, they came close to scoring the equaliser in the second half on many occasions and could have easily gone away with a win tonight. But luck was on Real Madrid’s side this time.

I think Robben needs to improve his shooting

I think Robben needs to improve his shooting

Second half was a bit tougher than the first half as Real Madrid couldn’t really dictate the play because they did not have enough ball posession. Robben looked disappointing in the second half in the attacking area. There were situation where Robben should had passed the ball to another teammate but instead he tried to go for glory and wasted many good opportunities.

Diarra did his job pretty well and forced Zenit to play from wide positions but not giving them any space or comfort in the midfield.

Sergio Ramos and Schuster predicted before the game that it was going to be a tuff game and Real Madrid would need to play their best and I think Real Madrid did’nt play their best but guess what, we won and that is all that counts.

I think if instead of Zenit, Manchester United were giving the easy chances Real Madrid gave, then it could have been 4-1 for Manchester United. Real Madrid did not defend well at all. Real Madrid was very suspectible on air balls and crosses which they are always but I think if Real Madrid do not do something about their defending quickly then I don’t think we’ll progress too far.

Real Madrid lost to Roma in last year’s knockout stages only because we could not defend well against air balls. Anyway, we won this game and these are very important 3 points. It should be enough for Real Madrid to get through the next round provided that a disaster doesn’t happen in the future group games for Real Madrid.

It was end to end stuff with Zenit getting to Real Madrid’s box plenty of times to get that equaliser in the second half but just could not convert.

Anyway, I think I have skipped a lot. So lets talk about the first half then we’ll move to the second half.

Zenit began positively infront of an electric and thunderous crowd at the Petrovsky Stadium. But Real Madrid were able to quickly wrestle control and after just two minutes, they conjured up their